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Adobe Offering Spring Discount on Lightroom and Elements

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Adobe is offering customers a 20% spring discount on some of its editing software (via AppleInsider), dropping the price of Lightroom 4, Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 by $30.

    Lightroom 4, originally priced at $149, is designed for photographers, offering up an array of powerful image adjustment tools. Though Adobe recently launched a beta version of Lightroom 5, the updated software will not be released until later this year.

    Adobe's Photoshop Elements 11 provides several tools from the more robust Photoshop CS6 at a lower cost, and Premiere Elements 11 is designed for video editing. Both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are priced at $99, though a bundle of the two is also available for $149. The $30 discount applies to the bundle as well as the individual titles.

    The discounted software can be purchased directly from Adobe using the code "SPRING30," until May 11 when the promotion ends.

    Article Link: Adobe Offering Spring Discount on Lightroom and Elements
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    Lightroom 5 will be out by JUNE not much more than a month away. Don't buy now.
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    Newegg is giving $40 off in Lightroom
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    I was looking into asking for the Ps/Premiere Elements combo pack for my birthday (July). I'm new to Adobe's release schedule so would something like this be seen as a good opportunity to buy or an indication of an updated product line coming soon?
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    Well we do know that Lightroom is due for an upgrade - we already have the first public beta after all. I haven't heard anything about the Elements programs so they are probably further off after the next CS update.

    If I was a betting person I would say about 5-6 months for Lightroom and maybe 8 months to a year for the Elements programs based on nothing official from anybody and just my intuition.

    Take it with an ocean of salt.
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    Wondering if SPRING60 or even SPRING90 would work as well. :)

    But hey, Adobe, I'd happily pay full price, if Lightroom was on the danish Mac App Store. Come on.
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    Why limit yourself to the App store, it's more expensive than a direct download from Adobe or box purchase from Amazon
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    The convenience of the Mac App Store is unparalleled.
    I'll pay for that.
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    If it was available on the EU App stores I'd understand that.
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    I love the Apple Mac App Store, but Adobe will automatically and immediately send you an update notice IN Lightroom as soon as it's available, whereas the App Store will often be delayed on software updates. You'll enjoy MORE convenience buying it direct, plus save money.

    However, since Adobe has already released the Beta for version 5, which is fully functional, and you can use it for FREE until the public version is released, I would do that. I've used Lightroom since version 1 as a professional photographer. And version 5 has some amazing features over version 4. If Adobe will give you a free upgrade to 5 for purchasing 4 now, then I would save the $30. But I just checked their website and didn't see any mention of that. Version 5 should be out in June. To me, since you can use 5 Beta now for free, I would forgo the $30 savings and wait to buy version 5. It is possible there will be offers for 5 from retailers, but if you purchase from them, instead of from Apple, Adobe will automatically and IMMEDIATELY provide updates for you. And don't feel bad about using a beta. Adobe released Lightroom as a beta back with version 1 to compete against Apple's Aperture. And they've done it with almost every version of Lightroom since. In most cases, the betas are fully functional working programs. The only thing the current beta version 5 won't do is import your version 4 libraries, but if you haven't use Lightroom before this won't be a problem. Currently I'm using version 4 for work in progress, but I'm using the beta version 5 for all my new photography projects. It's that good!

    Here is where you can download 5 for free: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom5/
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    How inconvenient is is to buy direct from Adobe and/or Amazon? I mean - how REALLY inconvenient is it?
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    You are betting wrong. LR4 only had one beta and was launched less than 4 weeks after it came out (with a surprise price cut bringing it lower in cost than LR3 which was selling at 20% discount!). It appears LR5 is following the same model and it times out in June so the full version will launch before then. I think Adobe is speeding up the releases of LR from one every 18-24 months to once per year (with less new features as a result) to offset having to sell the product at a lower price to compete with Aperture.

    I think there is a decent chance that Adobe drops the price on LR to $99 or LOWER (if they want to match Aperture at $79ish) but that it goes to a no upgrade / once per year release schedule. I think that many of these 10/20% or $40 off deals on LR4 will actually end up costing MORE than LR5 which is weeks away from release...
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    As pro who buys each iteration of Adobe Creative Suite Design and Web Premium, my advice for the vast majority of people would be to jump on the Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements bundle that with discount is $119. That's a ridiculously good deal :D
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    I'd much rather talk about the convenience of the Mac App Store.

    (1) I never ever have to store, dig up or type any serial number. I never ever loose a serial number.

    (2) Buying and installing: Click MAS. Click buy. That's all. Downloading and installation happens automagically.

    (3) Re-installation: Click MAS. Click 'Bought'. Click 'Install'.

    (4) Updating: As simple as OS updates.

    (5) And finally the killer-feature: Installing the apps I have bought on MAS legally on my work Mac, my home Mac and perhaps even my wife's Mac? No problem. Click. Click. Click. (3 clicks, seriously).

    I simply love it.
    It is so elegant. I wish all my Mac software came from MAS. It is the way buying and installing all software should be done.
    And as I said, I'll pay for that.
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    5 I can't dispute.

    The rest - I guess if that floats your boat and you consider it inconvenient to just go through Adobe's website - then that's your workflow.

    As convenient as the MAS can be - I purposely buy my software outside of it if it can be done because I don't want someone else gatekeeping my software. And I'm voting with my wallet so that software companies aren't pressured (ever) into ONLY providing software via the MAS because I only like the walled garden to a point. I don't want them ultimately controlling what does and what does not get approved for sale.

  16. StudioGuy, Apr 30, 2013
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    Or, get $40 off by just buying ps elements at amazon. ($59 vs. $99).
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    It had one beta yes, but it was in beta for 3 months publicly, not 4 weeks. I'll change my prediction by a couple of months The price however I don't think they will go that low. I don't see Adobe that desperate to compete with Aperture. More photographers that I have been tracking have moved to Lightroom specifically because Adobe seems to be willing to actually do big updates compared to Apple and there is more confidence in it's development.

    They may knock it down to 129 but I don't see it going to $99.

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