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Adobe Photoshop Tryout Version

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by arn, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Thanks. Downloading it now.
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    It'll be a matter of days before someone cracks the trial version. I wonder if Adobe has taken extreme measures to prevent this from happening.
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    Adobe have built in remote monitoring of your serial number on their new products so they can scan you while the apps are running - so to any prospective crackers out there - dont say you werent warned (and yes - i know theres a workaround but whats the point)
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    they can only scan if you connect to their servers to register the product, otherwise it's invasion of privacy and then the feds would shut their asses down
  6. big
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    >......and then the feds would shut their asses down

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    not quite that simple im afraid - they can scan you if your connected to the internet while running ps7 or ai10 regardless of whether yur registering or not.
  8. Lz0
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    phil c, I'd like to see some documented proof that Adobe is up to such tricks, and if they were I would hope "the feds would shut their asses down".
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    hey you want proof - run ps7 or ai 10 on a pc while your internet connection is up and watch out for that sneaky connection icon that appears in the extreme bottom left of the app window indicating a server connection to adobe. As to the legality of adobe doing this - im sure it probably is illegal but the burden of proof would be on the user as i imagine there would be a multitude of 'grey' areas that adobe could claim they were monitoring your software for.

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