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Adobe Photoshop

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by cwesty, Oct 22, 2005.

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    I'm adding graphics to my site, but i'm not too hot on photoshop. What exactly is the difference between photoshopCS and image ready?
    Any tips to getting the ball rolling?
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    Image ready is probably your ticket for web stuff.
    Photoshop CS is a lot more powerful, and does more stuff.
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    Photoshop includes Image Ready.

    Photoshop CS in a Book by Adobe - I'll sell it to you cheap. ;)

    CS2 is he current version, BTW.
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    I never use Image Ready, If you are doing graphics, I would use Photoshop or Illustrator.
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    If you're trying primarily to create animated .gif files, ImageReady is the tool. It also is more concerned with web-based graphics overall than Photoshop, which has Save for Web as its web support.
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    From Photoshop to Image Ready to web...

    Photoshop as mentioned comes with Image Ready as part of the package. They work together and are often tabbed to work back and forth in. Photoshop is the high end editing part of photo retouching and creation. When you are done with the production of pictures such as creating animation stills or blending several pictures together or whatever, and are ready to go to the web and publish the results Image Ready is the app that will help reduce the resolution and render the images in the proper format needed such as .jpg or .gif format and re-color the images so they are web safe and compliant for any browser.

    Check this site out that may offer more info

    and this one:


    Good luck and have fun, at least

    Just an FYI my avatar was done originaly in Photoshop (base art) then the indivdual layers were brought into ImageReady and the animation done there. The whole thing took me less than 2 hours (but then it looks it) Sparky
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    I like to use both. I can make a nifty image in photoshop, then edit in image ready: chop it up, make roll over buttons etc. I think you'll find both handy in web design and as iGary says, image ready comes with photoshop. Dig in.
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    I prefer to do all my work in Photoshop myself then Save For Web. Just personal preferance I guess. I suggest trying them both if you can and then use whatever one works best for you.

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    yeah imageready is just for specialised stuff like rollovers.

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