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Adobe Updates Photoshop Lightroom With Retina Support

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Adobe has updated Photoshop Lightroom, its prosumer image editor, with retina display support. Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 were upgraded with similar support earlier this week.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 is available on the Mac App Store for $149.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Adobe Updates Photoshop Lightroom With Retina Support
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    I'm glad to see that this update wasn't too far behind the earlier ones. I was feeling a bit left out before. :D
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    <3 HiDPI.
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    This must be quite a lot of work for them to build in to such a big suite of programs. In terms of their total user base retina screens must be quite a low percentage too. Just find it interesting that the make the effort thats all. I think adobe are a good company.
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    Eventually they'll have to do the work regardless.
    Also, many of those Retina Macs sold are actually used by professionals, so it makes perfect sense.

    Adobe is also a little more listening than Apple is.

    It's nice to see so many Lightroom news as Aperture user though...
    *cough* Aperture 4 *cough*
    Well, no but really, it's good to see Adobe improving on Lightroom constantly and hence giving Apple a little pressure in making Aperture a better application.

    Steve Jobs wanted to influence photography in a big way, it's sad to see his company being so slow to be forthcoming towards pros and semi-pros who wouldn't mind a new Aperture.

    And yes, it's not just the version number I want to see bumped up, there are some things that would make Aperture, and partially the other media applications, a lot better to work with.

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    For all the silly crap Adobe is capable of, I'm glad to see they are getting this right.
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    Oof, that update looks really nice.

    It's been hard watching all the nice new toys Lightroom users are getting. But I can't leave Aperture because of the sweet iCloud integration that I rely strongly on.
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    Competition is a fantastic concept for sure. :D

    I agree it would be nice to see a little more from apple in the way of pro creative perfective maintenance.
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    Here's what got me into/keeps me invested into Aperture:

    Some specific concepts
    and last but not least:
    My non-destructive edits - Don't wanna do all the work again and hell no I don't want to convert them into destructive edits and maintain two masters in Lightroom, thankyouverymuch :D

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    Lightroom is nothing like a "Prosumer image editor." It's as professional as it gets, and image editing is only a small part of what it does.
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    Waho! been waiting patiently
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    You're right that as an Aperture user there's going to be some significant workflow changes in a potential move to Lightroom. I just worry, as evidenced by Apple's languishing RAW support, that Apple doesn't care about Aperture nearly as much as I do.

    It's a good thing my Fujifilm X-E1 shoots such great JPEGs...
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    Apple seems to have sped up RAW updates quite a bit.

    I know I was able to use my 60D right away and import everything on the first day I got it.
    And I got it within like 2-4 weeks of release if I'm not mistaken.

    And hell no, I won't shoot JPEG when RAW is available to me.
    Call me crazy, but I'd be the last to complain about a RAW option on the iPhone, not because I'd use it for serious stuff, but just because I love the added control and capturing WAY more information that can be even useful for the almost perfect casual shot.
    You can "dumb it down" to JPEG afterwards anyway if it's overblown for you.

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    It has nothing to do with dumbing it down. Raws have quite a bit more flexibility, and they can benefit from the best processing algorithms available at the time. Personally I think Capture One and Phocus do a much better job in raw processing. Lightroom has the most pleasant workflow. I can't figure out why anyone uses Aperture. They delivered nice quality with minimal adjustment early on, but they don't seem to have anything outstanding at this point. Lightroom is reasonably fast, and the file instructions add very little in the way of storage requirements.

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