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Adobe's 'Photoshop.com Mobile' Appears in App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Adobe today released Photoshop.com Mobile [App Store, Free[/url]], an application allowing users to edit photos on their iPhone using simple gestures.
    The application also provides integration with Photoshop.com, Adobe's online photo editing, storage, and sharing service, providing 2 GB of free storage to registered users.
    Article Link: Adobe's 'Photoshop.com Mobile' Appears in App Store
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    Cracking deal, but not available in the UK. ****ing typical.
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    Not in Sweden either. Why is it so hard to understand that the World Wide Web and the corresponding market is worldwide? Should be included in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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    Well looks like the relationship between Apple and Adobe is warming up! May be Flash on its way?
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    I'll bet the farm that Adobe used their new iPhone app exporting tool in Flash CS5 to port this.
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    Hmm... at first I thought it was like "SketchBook Mobile" and very similar to desktop style of photoshop :rolleyes:

    Nevertheless, it's free :D
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    Not available in Denmark, either. What a shame - looks like a lot of fun to me. I love Photoshop.
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    Sweet! I didn't even know about Photoshop.com and I have PS. I just set myself up on Photoshop.com and now I am going to download the app.
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    After using this to edit a photo, I'm going to have to say I'm sticking with Photogene and Sketchbook mobile. This app is useful for maybe one or two things, but seems rather gimicky to me. I'd happily pay $10-20 for a useful, streamlined editing suite from Adobe for the iPhone. Things that fix the problems with photos on mobile phones, mainly image color casting, low contrast, and sharpness. Photoshop is the most powerful image editing tool for full size computers, and it should also be the best for mobile devices.

    This is a fine product, just very simple and not as useful as it could be. I've been waiting a long time for this. Too bad. There's always updates though.
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    I was able to download it... So far so good. Like the layout and the different effect it has.
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    Not available in the UK??? ....... :mad:
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    The Bad: It's very limited on feature (for now)..

    The Good: It's supper fast, great UI, FREE!!!

    Overall: I suggest you download it.. I'm sure it'll be updated with more features! GO ADOBE!
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    very surprised that its free
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    Yep...very limited. I guess for free it's not that bad. And it does work fast, which is impressive. Still... I would use a lot of other apps over this.

    I would love a paid PRO version of this with more features.
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    Photoshop Elements 8 interfaces with Photoshop.com, too, and by default, assumes you're going to automatically upload whatever you do in PE to a 2gb storage area on Photoshop.com.

    So ... :D ... be careful when you edit those porn pix you copy'n'paste from the net that they don't accidentally get shared on the service.

    PE 8 is available now for download from Adobe.com; those wanting boxed versions will have to wait several weeks for the official launch date of 23 October.
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    The description doesn't make clear if you can use it locally, i.e., without Photoshop.com. Can you?
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    You can ... PhotoShop.com is optional .. and you have to sign-in to use it.
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    Yep. No prob.

    As others have said, this is limited, but it's pretty cool and the UI is excellent.

    As far as more options, let's face it. We're stuck with a 3MP camera in our iPhones. No matter how much editing the app lets you do, it won't let you take a better quality pic, so IMO, this is more than adequate for basic stuff.
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    Small White Car

    That's a nice theory, but Photogene already exists to show us how more features are very cool and useful.

    This Photoshop program is pretty cool, but I'll continue to recomend Photogene to people. Adobe waited too long to put out a program that only does what this one does.

    EDIT: I should say that its simplicity is a PLUS for people who want something simple. In that way, this program is good. But that's not what the name "Photoshop" implies to me. Adobe should have named this fun little free program something else and saved the 'Photoshop' name for another program that would take on Photogene head-to-head.
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    Point taken. But for my use, it's a waste of money (even if it is just $3) to pay for an app that will do more than basic editing on the iPhone. If I need more than what PS Mobile does, I'll transfer the pic to my computer and use a real editing program.

    And I agree about the Photoshop name. They probably should've called this "PS Mobile Lite" or something similar.
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    Here is hoping that they use this as a stepping stone and the updates will make this one of the better photo editing programs for the iPhone. I can see this being added on to in the very near future. Well at least I am hoping so!
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    Hahaaaaaaa . . I am so gonna say it. I told you so. For everyone that said Photoshop on a tablet is stupid. If it can be used just fine on an iphone, I think it can be used on a larger tablet device. Like I said it's all about progression people, not stagnancy. Can't wait for the tablet. :D
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    Ah, Photoshop finally went Cocoa ;)
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    Also not in NZ. Hopeless, as usual.
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    Photogene special

    I just went to check out Photogene and for this weekend (October 9-11) it's on sale for 99 cents! Maybe the PS competition is paying off for us.

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