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Resolved Adonit Jot Pro fix *pro tip*

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Commy1, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Hey guys so, I just bought this stylus and love it, by far the best stylus I've tried.
    I've read from other owners that it skips, in other works when you draw a line it breaks it and leaves a gap.
    I had this problem last night, infrequently but I'm crazy, anything that isn't perfect that I can try to perfect I will try to do, so I read up more about it.
    People were saying that they would contact Adonit and get a replacement disc which fixed the problem for awhile.

    I have a simpler solution. The reason for the skipping is because the disc magnet is disconnecting from the ball point shaft on the end. So I end that disconnection, I put a conductive thermal paste inside the swivel.

    It still works perfectly, have been doodling all day and haven't seen a single skip, and the disc isn't entirely floppy like it was without the grease. It's probably easier on the magnet to, iunno.

    Now I think this was genius...but I'm probably just a blithering idiot. I used a small amount of AS5 thermal grease which I've used in desktop and laptop builds. Now I know what you're going to say "Arctic Silver 5 doesn't conduct electricity!"
    Aha! Well the Arctic Silver 5's website says this:

    "Artic Silver 5 is formulated to conduct heat, not electricity. While safer than other copper or silver thermal greases, Arctic Silver 5 should be kept away from electric traces, pins and leads. While AS5 is not electrically conductive, it is slightly capitative and could potentially cause problems if it bridges two close proximity electrical paths."


    By this warning alone I felt this grease would be a perfect material. Silver is an incredible conductor if electricity and while the ball tip and the disc are in such close proximity I believed that the particles would make a successful bridge.
    Any way guys, this has worked for me, if you have this stylus and want to give it some new life.
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    Putting tin foil or conductors has been the solution already all over the web. You do have to be careful that you don't put too much and make the point end look too big that it blocks the view. If you are under warranty just ask for the replacement too. :cool:
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    I was an original kickstarter backer of the adonit jot. I've tried all the remedies. None have worked. Why would a manufacturer continue to sell (and consumers buy) a stylus that is well known to have these issues? Why would the manufacturer not do the "fix" themselves prior to sale?

    I gave up and bought an iFaraday, the best stylus IMO.
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    I find out about solution that Commy1 use and I work perfectly!! I love my Adonit Jot Pro!!
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    Some people need a stylus that is more accurate than a stick with a small sponge on the end.
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    Just stating my experience. iFaraday may seem odd, but it works great. I've tried quite a few styli in the past couple years and haven't found a better one.
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    I'm glad it worked :)
    Update: It's still working perfectly. I've been drawing a lot lately (I guess it's just one of those phases) and not a single skip. So far so good.


    Interesting choice, as stated I love the hard tip stylus's (styly?) for drawing, that stylus and many others are bulky, not to mention the yucky material most are made of. That one seems odd, I'd be afraid of the fabric just falling apart on me, like the soft side on old velcro.
  8. Oui
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    The hand stylus is the best IMO. Also IMO the jot is the absolute worst.
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    This thread isn't about that bulky, albeit very well built stylus.
  10. Oui
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    Then they certainly should stay clear of the Adonit garbage.

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