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Ads in the iTunes and Podcasts?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 25, 2006.

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    AdAge.com reports that Apple is planning on incorporating ads into iTunes -- at least in a limited way.

    The information comes from content partners who have reportedly been briefed on the plan.

    The area is typically reserved for album covers, but for Podcasts could be a location to display sponsored ads. The commercial viability of Podcasting has been questioned a number of times as its popularity has grown.
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    i sure hope that this doesn't happen
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    This is a step in the wrong direction I think. The major problem I have with ads in "the iTunes" is not that they are too annoying or intrusive, but that they would cheapen the look. Apple places so much value on their user interfaces and yet they are willing to throw that all away for some bright yellow ad for Nextel or something. I can just imagine a revision to the HIG: ugly ads are okay as long as they make you an extra buck.
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    not really looking forward to seeing how this evolves...keep it in the podcasts, that's fine with me. but if advertising creeps into music or tv shows..or movies for that matter..i won't be too thrilled.

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    The only way I'd like this is if was creator-driven, in order for podcasters to get some revenue for their work. Rather than product placement or audio ads tagged onto the front or end of an individual podcast, why not have it be like the 'chapter art' that is already available. Seems like this might be an unobtrusive way to incorporate ads into podcasts.
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    Is it just me or does the title of this story not sounds right - "the iTunes"? I can't tell whether they mean the program or the music store. Either way I hate ads being integrated into things.
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    "only in the lower-left corner"

    Isn't that where album art and podcast images ALREADY appear? And can already be turned off?

    So isn't this just (some) podcast creators putting an ad there instead of a more useful image?

    How is this Apple doing anything? How is this a change to iTunes at all? What am I missing?

    It just sounds like podcast creators trying to get some compensation, which seems like their choice.

    Frankly, I'd rather have an image in the corner I can hide, than audio ads in the podcast--which I also think are fair enough if the podcast needs money. (Better an advertiser's money than mine.)

    Maybe there's something horrible in the works, but nothing in the article tells me so.

    I assume this IS the chapter art, nothing more. Nothing in the article suggests otherwise to me.
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    As long as these are only Apple related ads I am fine with it. It would be silly if Microsoft had an ad for XP or something of the sort located on this section. Regardless, I will be installing iTunes updates so long as they stay off the main program, and only in the Music store content.


    I didn't read close enough. This goes in the Album Art section of your screen and only displays if podcasts have ads within them. Well I guess this is ok, and from what I understand is already done on some podcasts when they change their picture (mid cast) to show a logo or shot of a sponsor related picture.
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    No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
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    The last thing i need is ad's in iTunes, it will really cause me to download my podcasts from the respective sites themselves, then simply pop it into itunes without using the music store for podcasts...

    ...to me, the great thing about the music store is its completely ad-free...no obtrusive content like that...only a matter of time from "ads in lower left corner" becomes a banner in iTMS, or a pop up or something
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    iTunes, now bundled with spyware™:mad:
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    It's a free service from Apple... If they want Ads to increase revenue and keep it otherwise "free"... let em. :rolleyes:
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    I must be reading a different article from everyone else :p

    People are talking about ads added by Apple in some new way to the iTunes UI, but where are they getting that from? Maybe the article uses some misleading language like because the writer doesn't know how iTunes currently works.

    If the ads are in the chapter art--from the Podcast creator, not Apple--then downloading the same file from another source won't avoid them... but clicking the button to hide the chapter art will :)

    Another reason chapter art is a good tool for podcasters to use: I seem to recall that iPods (not just iTunes) can display it.

    I hate ads, but I'll refrain from blaming Apple until there's evidence of some kind. This article points no fingers at Apple if you read it. It just doesn't say enough to suggest anything beyond chapter art, which we already have.
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    I suppose, though, that the podcasters could incorporate the ads themselves in order to generate revenue. This isn't necessarily advertising inserted by the iTMS. I think it's a nice alternative to audio ads in podcasts.

    Edit: nagromme, we seem to be making the same posts, and the same points, at the same time :)
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    Indeed nothing new, if company's want to release music with advertising or TV series with advertising they can do so with a podcast. Problem is the 'close button', it could be that Apple is adding in a sticky Add placement that can't be closed. As long as the content is free i can live with that.
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    We seem to be making the same posts, and the same points, at the same time :)
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    Definitly negetive

    Ads should be banned. what are we here windows!?
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    This wouldn't be so bad if iTunes continues to allow the user to close the artwork box--as has been mentioned, it is definitely preferable to audio ads interspersed throughout the podcast itself.

    How about Apple creating a large banner-style space at the top of iTunes for Windows so all the seizure-causing neon flashing ads can have their normal place, while the OS X version has a quiet, understated box in the corner that the user can control?
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    meh, podcast are becoming a massivly consumed media, did you really think they would stay ad free forever?

    This reminds me of Futurama

    Leela: Didn't you have ads in the 21st century?

    Fry: Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio, and in magazines, and movies, and at ball games... and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts, and bananas and written on the sky. But not in dreams, no siree.
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    Instinctively, I'm against ads. However, daringfireball has proved that selective advertising can be classy and useful rather than intrusive...
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    Crap that is funny :D
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    read the article please before posting.

    I spy Trolls! :rolleyes: :p
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    This could actually be a good thing. This would allow for more commercial podcasting to be available while keeping the advertisements out of the audio. I'm all for it if this could get my favorite radio talk shows to me free.
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    No it's not. It's a free service from the people who create the podcasts. They create the content, apple doesn't even host it, they just link to it.

    If there are going to be ads in podcasts, they should come from the podcasters and the podcasters should get the revenue. And if the ads are just still pictures, you're not going to see that on ipod, or you can always just hide itunes (which you'll do anyway if you're running other apps).

    Something about this story sounds fishy, I suspect it's bogus.
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    Well I am a podcaster The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack. My show is about LOST and I use the AAC enhanced feed to provide my listeners with screen caps and other pictures from the show to aid finding clues and what not.

    If the power to place ads is in the podcasters hands then go for it, but if iTunes is going to hijack my show, place ads in it and profit from all of the hard work that I put into it, without my consent. Then I'll be ticked.

    I make the show and I want it to be ad free, I pay the money for the dedicated servers, the software, the equipment, and webspace. I should the choice.

    There I feel better now :)


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