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Advice on buying a vintage mac?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by mccwong, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Hi all!

    I'm new to the forum and like an earlier poster I have a sudden urge to get an old 68K Mac (SE, classic, color classic etc) that I really enjoyed using in high school.

    I would like to grab a Color Classic or Color Classic II but the main killer app I want to use is a really old game called "NetTrek".

    Will NetTrek work on the Color Classic or do I need to get something older with older OS like SE or PLUS etc?

    Any of you have a good looking one for sale in good condition? I can't browse ebay at work here but I'm willing to pay above average $ for a complete working system w mouse and stuff that will be able to run NetTrek for nostalgic reasons! :)
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    If You really need to get Your fix I would recomend looking into 68k Emulation like vMac or somthing. The Color Classic is a cool little computer.
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    I've got a 512K, SE, 2 SE/30s, Preforma 400, and LC III that I might like to get rid of...

    (problem is, I get a question mark folder on start-up on the 512K and one of the SE/30s, and I don't know how to fix it :( )
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    The 512k needs a 400k Start Up Floppy as it lacks an internal Hard Disk.
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    yes, sadly, I did not get the 512K with the disks, so now unfortulatly, I had to scrap it for parts.

    ....although I could still make the case a fish tank.
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    I think I have some duplicates of system 6.0 on 400k if You want them.
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    We have a few older (vintage) Mac's around here .. SE, a couple of performa 550's pm5260, pm7600, pwrbook150, pwrbook1400, even a powercomputing pwrbase240!!! If you want to know what we have learned abt software by using it in an office environment, or if you want me to experiment, or research, using one of em, LMK. Glad to help as I feel that alot of this stuff is still useful.... browsing on a PM7500 g3 upgraded right now ... if yer stuck w/ a cable modem it seems just as good as the newer stuff and a bit of fun to besides!!!

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