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Aerial Photographer Needed

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by iGary, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Moderators - if this is off-base in here, just remove it. I think it might be a fun opportunity for the right person.

    The group I work with needs a couple of photographers to shoot the California coast from LA north, and hopefully as spring comes, farther up the coast and into Alaska. Right now, the goal is California for a release we're planning. You don't have to be from California. You'd most likely have a "test flight" and interview in Florida before being bought on.

    A few requirements:

    1. You can't be afraid of heights, obviously. You will most often be working (read - hanging) out of an R22 helicopter with a Nikon D2X camera and gymballed georeferencing equipment.

    2. Weight restriction of ~175 pounds due to the helicopter equipment.

    3. Good computer knowledge (PC knowledge required), VERY detail oriented and an ability to plan, execute and capture very high quality images per our clients specs. Photoshop knowledge a definite plus, boating experience a major plus.

    4. Good basic knowledge of photography, hopefully with SLR-type equipment. You don't have to be a pro-grade shooter (and the pay is consistent with that), but you should have a good base knowledge of photography and some samples to show.

    5. You will be working and rotating with one other photographer and a pilot, basing either out of an RV, or shared hotel facilities. You will be on the road and on the move a good deal of the time, and should be able to deal with some of the rigors of the road.

    That said, the pay is $15.00 per hour worked. It is an excellent opportunity for a person just getting started in the field looking to add to their photographic work experience. There are other covered expenses, but I will leave that to my partner to discuss if you are interested.

    This is a major project for a huge international company. The pay is what it is, but the compensation is travel. There are also European, other foreign shoots we will be doing in the future.

    If this may tickle your fancy, PM me. :D
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    Wish I was 30 years younger!!
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    I'm assuming you'll be shooting low/high oblique photography...and not some sort of marginal vertical imagery?

    What is the intended use for the photography? Commercial imagery?

    If you don't mind me asking...
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    Yep, each "target" gets 7 obliques from about 400' and one vertical to cover the entire target from whatever altitude it takes.

    It's for a major cartographic company.
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    Mapping 3d space with obliques... very interesting. Any idea if ground control (white X's) is being used?

    We've got a few contracts pushing that same area... we are also a major mapping firm.

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    Not sure exactly what an "oblique" is, but isn't it hard to get a vertical while hanging from a helicopter? You'll shoot your own feet.

    Or do you have to hang "upside-down"?? :confused:

    Anyway, sounds like a great opportunity, and heck, if I was interested in photography as a career and didn't live anywhere close to California, I'd probably fly over there despite the pay and financial loss just to get the experience.

    There's gotta be someone else out there who would as well, right? :confused:
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    Mr. Anderson

    Damn, I'd love to do that, sounds like a bit of an adventure.....but like riciad said - 20 years ago it would have been great.

    Is this for the whole nation or just a local part near you?

  8. iDM
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    You ever get outsourced to the east coast I'll gladly dangle from a moving object at 400' and snap some photos.
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    Crisis averted.

    We had a couple of photographers (recent college grads with "I have a photography degree-attitudes) bolt on us because they got tired of getting scolded when they effed up, but we had backup.

    We've basically done the Great Lakes, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Mississippi, TomBigbee Waterway, Saint Lawrence Seaway, Hudson River, Denmark, parts of Norway and parts of the Med.

    Working on sub tropics right now, and of course, California. :D

    If anyone is interested, surely shoot me a PM, we have stuff coming up in Europe for the spring.

    Thanks for the responses,

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    The whole planet. :eek:

    I'm sure I'll be lusting for a Quad by the time we finish it.
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    I'd like to get more info from iGary

    Hey, I actually work for a company in New Jersey that does aerial photography. I'm one of the aerial photographers...I'd love to find out more about the opportunity you have presented...I'm very used to helicopters and excellent in mapping and directing the pilot. Sounds like this project would be right up my alley! Please contact me so we can discuss some of the details...I'd love to do a little traveling, maybe we can work out some sort of deal!!!! Thanks,
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    I'm leaving the project, but you can look up the job on Monster - just type in Air Photos Plus.

    Cheers and good luck.
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    All that money to hire a helicopter, buy expensive equipment but people up in motels, cover per meals and so on and they offer pay that would quality you for food stamps. Maybe they will find some kid on summer break

    Typicaly people who do this kind of work make over $100/hr

    I wonder if the pilot will be a kid on summer break too. and what about the aircraft mechanics
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    The pilots are fully rated instructors building their hours. I know commercial airline pilots that built their hours for their commercial towing beach signs behind Piper Cubs.

    The helicopters get serviced at Robertson-certified FBO's.

    Most of the photographers are people interested in traveling (we have three teams in the Med and two in the Carib.right now), or getting a start in the photography business, doing this so they have a professional reference.

    We've never had trouble finding people, and didn't when I posted this. Hope posting your comments made you feel that much better about yourself.

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    I can hear it now..."Damn! I knew I should have attached the neck strap!" :D
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    I'll hang out of a helicopter....

    Um..I realize this thread is super old--but, iGary, if you ever should look again and there are by any chance any mopre of these "hanging out of a a chopper taking pics" opportunities, I for one would jump at the chance, so please email me at Voodoo_Mast@yahoo.com
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    I wish I was 30 (actually more like 10) years older!
    haha, I was thinking that myself...
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    Are you still looking for a photographer?
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    If I am not mistaken.. iGary stepped away from the MacRumors machine about 6 months ago.. and is no longer an active user of the forum. I may be mistaken.. but I think he's putting his time to better use.
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    He won't be replying any time soon since he said he'd be going to work for Apple, I believe.
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