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AFP sharing folders on network

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by SDAVE, Feb 5, 2013.

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    I made a "dropbox" and enabled full read/write access from my mac pro.

    I have 3-4 other macs on the same network but when they add files/folders I can't access them.

    I was wondering if there is a way to create a "neutral" folder where everyone has access to it, read/write/make dir, etc without worrying about permissions?

    Should I switch to SMB?
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    RE: Permissions...

    Hi SDAVE,

    The Server.app controls which individuals have what permissions on any shares in the File Sharing pane. If you are sharing only with other Macs, I would stick with AFP if I were you, but SMB is useful if you are sharing with PCs.

    It sounds like you want Everyone to have R/W access to one folder, but not to everything. In this case, I would simply create a new share of that folder and give everyone full R/W permissions. This way any user from any machine can write to this folder, including creating subfolders, and everyone can also read everything.

    In other words, create a separate "Public" share that gives everyone R/W permissions.

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    Les Kern

    Read/Write alone won't do it. Need to make a group of the users and/or assign individual users FULL CONTROL using ACL's.
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    problem is, I have R/W for all on a share folder, but when another user adds a folder, they own permission and I have to take over the folder. Or when I make a new folder in the share folder, the other party can't access it, so I have to apply R/W to all folders/files again. Kind of time consuming and defeats the purpose of a network share.

    Thank you I will look into that. I have those users logging in as guests, maybe I need to make a new user account.
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    Thanks for that

    I made a new "sharing only" account and used the group Staff, and I gave r/w access to that user for a specific folder.

    However, when he creates a new folder and I try to modify it locally, it asks for my password? Also sometimes that user can't make folders so I have to "apply permissions".

    It's kind of a mess. I tried SMB and AFP, same thing for both.

    Is there a way to run an app in the background that takes care of this stuff? Seems like the native Apple sharing for folders is pretty horrid.

    I had a Windows 2008 server before and never had this issue. R/W, sharing, etc were working flawlessly.

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