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After using MBA for 2 weeks, my old MBP feels like a brick

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by painholic, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I had to use my old MBP 13inch today to transfer some files to my MBA and oh my, this thing felt so heavy!
    It is so amazing how humans adapt to new environment :D I thought MBP was pretty portable while I was using it.
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    I know its crazy! My roomate has my 2011 MBP and i picked it up yesterday...
    Will never be able to go back to that!
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    Compared to my 11in MBA and 17in MBA, its like a paper vs concrete block
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    I concur - my kids can't even believe how light my 13" mba is compared to my old 15" mbp (circa 07).

    The only I mis is the size of the screen. I for one would definitely buy a 15" mba if Apple made it. I'm guessing we'll see somewhat of a transition to mba-like pro models in the very near future. SSD's laden and optical drive-free laptops are the way of the future. Reducing moving parts should even extend to keyboard - at least as we know them now - but I could be ahead of myself with that one (and no I'm not talking iPad style on-screen keyboards).
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    Same here. My early 2010 MBP 15" feels like a cinder block compared to the 13" MBA.
    Or...maybe we need to hit the gym....
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    My 17" MacBook Pro feels huge and heavy! I still use it though for the real-estate at home.

    I haven't been using my iPad though. I don't know what to do with it now. My MBA gets nearly as good battery life, and is almost as portable.

    13" MBA.
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    I agree! I have a 13" MBA and my girlfriend has a 13" MBP, and OH MY GOD do I feel the weight difference every time I use her laptop!



    Price gap aside, the MBA 11" has made the iPad kinda redundant. If they could improve battery life on the MBA 11", I wouldn't see any reason to buy an iPad at all (other than price).
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    I think the iPad is still better suited for reading and such when having a keyboard is not necessary. Its still my device of choice to surf websites and read e-mails in bed or on my couch, and I am sure its also better for plane rides.

    The Macbook Air is my device of choice to do real work on when on the go.

    They are different roles, but there is definitely some overlap.

    Going back to the original topic, most laptops do indeed feel like boat anchors compared to the Macbook Air. I just wish all the PC fanboys who don't get why anyone would want a MacBook Air could just spend a day walking around their school campus or town with one and EXPERIENCE the reason first hand.

    I am tired of people saying that 2-3 pounds doesn't make a difference. It CERTAINLY does.
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    I own a Kindle, a MacBook Air, and an iPad 2. I do most of my reading on the MBA. I really like how portable it is, the real estate, the nice PDF app, and how to screen auto adjusts brightness perfectly.
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    I own those 3 devices too. The Air is my all around favorite device. But if I'm going to sit down to read a novel I prefer the kindle, it's so much easier on the eyes. And my iPad 2 hasn't seen as much use now that I bought the Air. But still use it to read PDFs text books and articles in class, or while using the Air at the same time. iPad 2 is used a lot with the Zinio app as well.

    To original topic: I have an '06 MacBook and that thing is definitely a brick now compared to my new Air. My bag is a lot lighter now having the Air in it instead of the MacBook.
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    I just sold my ipad 2 today. gonna ship it out tomorrow.
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    Believe it or not i've become used to the air's size and weight and think it is heavier now than the day i got it.

    Just shows how you get used to things.
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    I haven't read an actual book in a long time, I use audible. I use my air for reading my digitized textbooks. I like that I can view two pages without having to zoom much.

    The retina iPad will probably reconvert me. :)

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