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After we get some graphics drivers...

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Os Xp, Mar 22, 2006.

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    After we obtain some graphics drivers for the MBP and iMac, we should create a Half Life 2 XoM clan. :) I'm sure most people here will end up getting HL2, so why not? Just some wishful thinking :D
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    HA. That sounds like a plan to me.
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    As long as XPee doesn't turn my MBP into a squishy pile of molten aluminum an silicon, Im in!
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    Yeah, that was one of those implied "if it doesn't happen" factors. :p
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    count me in lol

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    You know, they had the contest for xom, and now theres a contest for booting vista (when they finally release it) on mac, but what about x1600 drivers? If I only had the money to put up we'd have drivers next week.:(
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    Machead III

    Chances are Extra's will provide us with the solution in the next day or so.
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    Only thing holding me back is gfx drivers. As soon as a working set are available then FEAR. HALFLIFE 2. will be on my mac. :)
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    Lord Blackadder

    I guess I might be wrong about DirectX never coming to the Mac...but I'm still a little skeptical. Writing those drivers isn't going to be a walk in the park, and will probably involve some heroic reverse-engineering.
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    Machead III

    Well we'd better figure it out soon, Lara waits for no man!

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    Her hair appears to be piercing her arm. Ouch.
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    I thought video was working on the mini's according to a thread on onmac.net. Did I misunderstand?
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    Lord Blackadder

    I don't think that they have hardware 3D acceleration yet...:confused:

    Not sure though.
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    I have HL2 on my PC right now. I am so down for a MR clan, especially when the XP-on-mac thing gets sorted out, then I can play mobil-y
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    No, they have 3D. It took some reall screwing with different graphics drivers, but the mini now passes all DirectX tests. There's a screenshot of a racing game.

    The install process sounds pretty darn complex though.
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    Machead III

    Hmm, does anybody know whether "effects" actually has a solution, and is being unfairly attacked by the osx86project people, or is he probably just a troll?

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