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Aftermath of a hail storm

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iAmAzN, Jun 9, 2004.

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    no, the leaves/branches were all snapped off of the tree by the hail
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    Yup, hail sucks.

    Get it all the time in Texas around this time.
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    wow, i feel bad for any cars caught outside in that...
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    Same storm here...

    Luckly the hail was pretty small in Arvada. Were your cars in the garage?
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    yea the cars were in the garage.. luckily. The neighbors dog was outside when the hail started :( but after about 5 minutes the dog finally was let in by the neighbor :eek: . Well, time to call the insurance

    EDIT: There is a mall close by to my house. Under a mile away so just imagine all those cars! And part of the ceiling/roof of the mall was glass and it broke. alot of water started dripping down so they had to shut down the mall to get it fixed/cleaned up.. or so i heard
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    that looks devasating!!! dent city for all the cars stuck in that

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