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aftermath of dropping my iPod in a glass of coke

Discussion in 'iPod' started by barkmonster, May 11, 2009.

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    There was only about half an inch of coke in the glass but it was enough to get into the contacts.

    It kept showing a message that it can't be connected to firewire (it's the USB 2.0, iPod Nano)

    I reset the iPod eventually it stopped showing the firewire warning.

    I pressed play, it works through headphones, all menus function, nothing seemed to be wrong but then...

    I press play this morning when it was docked to speakers and it sounded like an out of tune shortwave radio. I now have to listen to it through the headphone out using a lead.

    I'm glad it's not completely destroyed but it's very annoying.

    Could it be that some of the contacts are shorting out with sticky coke inbetween them?

    Is there some chemical that's safe to clean the contacts without causing any damage?

    I cleaned the contacts on the connector with an old tooth brush but it made no difference.
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    This might do it for you get some isopropyl alcohol and rub that on the contacts. I use that at work for cleaning memory and graphics cards.
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    Wow...that sucks! Just like toolbox said, Alcohol should help cut any coke residue. A cue-tip might be good to get in the cracks. Just don't over saturate it. I hope it works out!
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    Get some distilled water (non-conductive) and pour it over the affected area. Keep it upside down to let it drain. Repeat a few times to try and wash out any sticky coke. Let it dry thoroughly.
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    Thanks for all the tips.

    I'll be able to pop into radio shack on Wednesday and I'll ask them for the alcohol solution.

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