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age and the new generation

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Jan 9, 2004.

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    is today's 40s yesterday's 30s?

    does that mean one can live their 20s while in their 30s?

    while people are leaving home later and getting married and having children later, are we just deluding ourselves??

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    It's true that I'm living much the same lifestyle in my earliest 30's that my mid-twenties friends are, except that I am more financially stable because I've had more time to accumulate raises. :)

    But what would the delusion in that be, exactly? What relevance does how old you are necessarily have on what you happen to be doing at the time? There are just as many people getting married way before they're financially or emotionally ready as there are people putting it off. I've also observed that the perception of age-appropriate lifestyle tends to put a lot of stress on individuals who are not yet at the point their age group "should" be.

    There's a difference between extended adolescence, and feeling that advances in life expectancy and medical technology give you some options in your choices, and the timing of them. It's more about thinking about what your goals are, and how to achieve them, and the trade-offs you are willing to make, than it is about arbitrary age deadlines.
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    Didn't someone once say, "Age is no barrier"
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    I know alot of 30 year olds that act like they are 20. Nobody seems to be in a rush to embrace the responsibilities of adult hood. So in my opinion it is fair to say that the 20's now stretch into the 30's and the 40's are more like the 30's of yester year.

    But I only seeing it creep up half a decade. Most of the people I know that are over 35 act like they are in their 30's and over 45 act like they are in there 40's....
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    just wait till my generation hits their 30s in 10 years....i think we're going to be the new "lost" generation
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    Here's to that!:D!
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    Neat question. I think people start acting more responsibly when they've reached the age at which at least two of their friends have gotten married.

    Then it starts to sink in.

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    I married at 31, had a kid at 33, got my first "real" job at 36 (a contract and a constant paycheck), but I don't think I'm any different from a lot of my friends.

    Where I do think we differ as a generation is in our traveling, I have lived and worked in four countries, and now live a long way from where I grew up, my friends are from all ages and backgrounds, and I seldom see the friends I had in school or college.

    Plus I think some of us look after ourselves better, I'm fitter now than anytime in the last 15 years, and I intend to get even fitter. I'm 40 in February, but still think/feel like I'm 20, I think thats the key to it.

    I saw a school-friend over christmas, he married straight out of Uni at 21, had three kids by the time he was 24 and now looks and acts like he's 55, he's a year younger than me, poor sod...
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement about your friend who acts like he's 50, Wintermute! :D

    I am 22 and will be getting married October 9 though I don't plan to have kids for a while.

    The comment about age having no barrier is true. I work a normal 9-5 job for a local health company's IT department and have fallen into the ho-hum work-a -day life. I have friends who are in their twenties who are married and act more "adult" than friends that I have who are in their 30's and 40's but seem to be stuck in a permanent frat boy mode. A lot of it depends on how you were raised and what you have chosen to do with your life (college, marriage, children, etc.).
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    Congratulations on your decision to get married, I personally, have never been happier. (Interestingly, October 9th is my wedding anniversary!)

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    I am coming up 30 and am still been told by my parents to grow up, as I still feel like I am 20.

    Recently I sold my apartment in London, moved to New Zealand (there now) and now plan to do a bit of travelling before returning to the UK to do an MA!

    Sod the age thing - I sometimes feel that I should be settling down but on the other hand why!

    Also those who marry, good for you if it is the right person....... I could have twice over but something didn't feel right so am still having fun.

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