Age of Empires 3 randomly closes

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by M@lew, May 4, 2007.

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    I just tried playing Age of Empires 3 again today after getting it a while ago but when I tried to play it, it just closed about 5 minutes in. This happens no matter what level I try. I'm playing it windowed on a Macbook.

    Can this be fixed? I really want to play the game.
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    I used to get that in AOE2, and perhaps also in 3.

    Do you have hotcorners for exposé and Dashboard? Try turning those off.
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    How come those would affect the game?
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    No clue, but I found when I was hitting the corner of the screen it was giving me problems.

    Did you try it? Did it help?
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    Unfortunately that didn't work. :(
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    If I have iChat open and I get an IM, AOE3 closes on me....?
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    With the demo, the only time the game quit on me randomly was during one of the cutscenes in the campaign. Only happened once.

    I guess you should make sure nothing is running in the background. Of course, send off an e-mail to MacSoft. Maybe the game could use a patch.

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