Aged iMac 'harming Apple'

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 30, 2004.

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    Mr. Anderson

    That's quite silly that people don't get the fact that this was a developers conference and not a consumer show.

    Wasn't there rumor of an August event or something for a debut of the new iMacs?

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    here's a rumor or more of a assumption. A person trying to decode steve job's keynote for secret messages.
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    Mr. Anderson

    wow, conspiracy theorists could use this guy :D

    its a stretch, but it plausible....

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    Was not the iPod introduced at a WWDC? or at least upgrades to iPods? They really are of no use to Developers.
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    They forgot to mention another thing ... at about 53:40 Steve did a system wide search for "Half Dome"
    I dunno, sounds suspect to me. :)
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    Honestly I think the iMac is hurting Apple, There are a lot of backorders for iMac right now and Apple is not shipping to any of their distributors so no only does the customer have to wait, but they have no idea if they are going to get anything soon. Apple really needs to update their iMac line I cannot remember the last time there was a major processor upgrade:(
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    Well, there's Siggraph here in Los Angeles, Aug 3-12, and of course, Apple Expo in Paris, Aug 31-Sep 4. Two months is a "long" wait, but I'll bet something big will come out at Apple Expo. ;)

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    Steve could always move off his high horse and give a Keynote at MacWorld Boston. What a better place than the brand new convention center. Plus a lot of media is here getting ready for the DNC.
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    why cant they introduce new computers at WWDC? Who says you cant develop on an imac, heck the guy who developed the satelite program did it on a powerbook.

    They introduced the powermac at last years event and the current iMac is severely out-dated. The only next logical step for apple is to introduce an imac the same processor as the entry level, Rev. A Powermac...1.6ghz. The G4 is already maxed out as it is and updating the iMac the the highest level G4 chip at 1.33ghz is to small a leap. The eMac which starts at $799 is at 1.25 Ghz and is an entry level machine, the iMac which is considered the mid-end machine starts at $1299 is at 1ghz... What the hell is wrong with this picture!?

    I hope this stock plummet kicks Steve Jobs in the arse and wakes him up. It almost positively seems like they are planning to update the iMac line following the all dual Powermac line, they just need to get the timing right. It would be completely un-logical to not update the iMacs to a G5.

    ohh and back to those who say WWDC is for developers, guess what, developers need a computer to develop on! quite your ranting about our ranting about the outdated iMacs :D Rant about Jobs discussing the iPod.
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I personally think a developers conference is a great place to introduce a consumer machine with a sixty-four-bit processor. It would show developers that sixty-four bits is ready for prime time.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I understand the argument, but did they not introduce the PM G5 at a WWDC?

    And why then the monitor announcement? Surely developers can't all afford the latest PM G5's.
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    I think thsi developers argument is getting a little overdone, Apple do release products at the WWDC and yes it is a developer conference.

    Apple can and does release products at the keynote, yes the rest of the week is for developers but the keynote is also a good place to launch new products. I would bet the product that is chosen to be released is the one which is ready not the one suitable for developers.
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    Seems about right. Maybe Paris in September...along with a surprise announcement of the first Paris store ;)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Timing wise the iMac needs to be earlier. The Paris show would be a better place for the 4g iPod, and the iSight II that has been rumored.
  16. sjk
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    As one of the recent comments there mentions, the Apple Store items for the new displays claims:

    So you can make your Apple display a seamless part of a museum kiosk, mount it on a wall in a office lobby or swivel changes to a client via an articulating arm.".

    Seems clear Apple intends for some kind of articulating arm mechanism to be used with the new displays. What form that might take is open for speculation...
  17. sjk
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    Yeah, a few of us have probably considered the possibility of SJ making an unexpected appearance there to announce a new system for the "consumer market". Many of us would be stunned, but would it have enough impact beyond the "Apple/Mac faithful" for it to be worthwhile?
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    Come on Apple......get those iMacs happening. Paris is far too late in my opinion, we need them sooner. There must have been a reason why they weren't at WWDC - probably because they're not ready.
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    I agree with most of what you said, but remember that the 1 GHz model has an LCD, not CRT. That makes it more expensive to build. But it is the older 1 and 1.25 chip with 256K cache. And it is long in the tooth. Also, 1.5 is the highest the G4 goes at this point... that we know of.

    I'd rather see a headless G5 for around $1300, but who know. If it was going to be a 1.5 G4 with a price drop (maybe $1500 for a 17" iMac), it might have been good awhile ago. Now that it's been awhile, I'm thinking something else may be up.

    As others have mentioned, it's probably just not ready yet.

    Edit: well, I guess now we know. Hey, I was right!

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