AGP to DVI adapter??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by orangeclockwork, Aug 15, 2003.

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    Does anyone know if an AGP to DVI adapter exists? im wondering if i could use an apple cinema display with my PC, which has a geforce3 in it, before i get my powerbook
    thanks a loT
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    I think you might be a little confused: DVI is a type of connector between video cards and monitors, whereas AGP is a type of connector used between motherboards and video cards.

    In any case, I believe the Cinema displays use ADC, but I can't afford one, so I can't say for sure. :p

    The video card on your PC has either VGA or DVI out. If your old monitor was a CRT, i.e. not flat, I'd almost bet it uses a VGA connector. If it is flat-screen, it's harder to determine, as they come in both types.

    Anyway, my guess is that you're likely going to need an VGA-to-DVI adapter, DVI-to-ADC, or maybe both. I've never heard of a VGA-to-ADC adapter, but I assume you could get the same effect by chaining the first two together.

    I hope that clears up things! :)
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    Sun Baked

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    i was going to say the same thing, though i would have picked a nicer card :)

    i guess i am a smartass.
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    Assuming that your PC's graphics card has a DVI port, the thing you need is an Apple DVI to ADC converter. It costs about $100, and will drive your Apple studio or cinema display.

    It costs that much becuase it contains the power supply for the monitor. When plugged into an apple with an ADC port, it knows how to get power from the machine's power supply. Without it, it needs an external power supply.

    I use one to connect a Apple 17" studio to my PC. Works like a champ. Nifty little of piece of hardware too.
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    tush tush, man, that's different. we're talking about DVI to AGP, not ADC :)

    but yes, i guess technically all he needs is that DVI to ADC adaptor, plus maybe a VGA to DVI adaptor.

    caution should be meted, though, that you may not be able to find a good monitor driver to adjust it. i know some people have had trouble running it in linux.
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    I assumed that his original post was a typo.
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    mstecker (or anyone else who is/has connect an Apple display to a PC): How do you control the brightness for the 17 inch Studio Display. I connected my display to my PC via the DVI to ADC converter, but can't find a control for brightness anywhere. Is it possible?
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    There's no way to control the brightness, as far as I know. You just get max brightness all of the time.
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    yes, i was just messing around with you ;)

    as to the controls, i am pretty sure you can't get them to work. on a mac, of course, the touching the adjustment button on the studio displays activates the preference pane for the monitor in OS X. barring OS X, there is probably no legal way to do it, though it's presumable that one could write a driver by reverse engineering it.
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    You've got to be careful about that - what with your Demi-God powers and everything.
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    actually, it's generally accepted that contributing to this site gives me more rein to screw around. not much more, of course, but a little.

    no, not really. you're just as welcome to mess with my head, if you want :)
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    No point.

    It'll take too long to the brains to finish jelling, and at your age the skull isn't hard enough for the more advance games (ie, would probably make too big a mess when we kick it around).
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    i'll be sure and come back when my brain is petrified and less mess-prone, like yours :p then we can play all sorts of head games.
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    Took too many years of reading to accomplish.

    At least the current fare of mindless fare on network television can do the job much quicker these days, of course there's always the possibility of a Barney Network to do the job even quicker.
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    problem is, trash like cable TV turns you into a relativist, and it's hard to turn your brain into anything but mush with that. i've been reading a lot of objectivist, or partially so, literature lately. that will make your mind rock-hard. less fun in head games, though.

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