Agreenster's Avatar submission #1

Discussion in 'Community' started by agreenster, May 29, 2002.

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    This was the first 'tar I made and just uploaded about 2 days ago. Does it still count for the contest??

    More to come though........
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    Re: Agreenster's Avatar submission #1

    i think you can enter any avatar you want.

    so yeah, i think it works.... it's quite nice....

    i think the only thing i MIGHT like better is if it stopped for a second or 2. ie. rotate, pause, rotate, pause... but that might notwork. gotta see it to know...

    you should probably post in the new forum though too... so they have em all together.
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    New Forum? I have no idea what you are talking about
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    Mr. Anderson

    The new forum is the Avatar Contest Forum, and yes any 'tar is ok. Doens't have to be a new one....
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    Gotcha, thanks--just posted
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    I can move this one if u guys want??
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    i'd also attach the file to the post in the other forum... that way if you for some reason decide to change your avatar, it'll still be up. plus it might be easier for the judges to collect them up if they're all attached.

    oh and agreen... just so yo uknow

    all posts in the other avatar forum have to be approved by duke, so rather than bug him with all that, we are discussing them mostly in the community section and just posting the actual avatars in the other one... at least that's what i'm trying to do. word
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    No, its okay--I posted a new one in the avatar forum

    Thanks though!!

    And Jello--gotcha no problem
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    not worth it in my mind, given the nature of the new forum (ie duke approval required)... may as well keep the discussion here...
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    My avatar should winn because it says it all.
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    no problem....thought I'd offer it up in case... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    you've been hanging out with mac15, right?

    So submit already.....can't win if you don't play!
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    Man, Im getting hammered with wedding plans, demo reels, this elusive movie everyone wants to see, three jobs (at the moment), etc etc---I wont change my avatar. I just dont have the time--

    great suggestion though for anyone else who is makingmultiple submissions.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yes, its much better if it was kept here, easier to deal with, there are enough new posts to the moderated forum as it is and some of the questions I'm moving over here anyway, to avoid clutter.
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    I updated my avatar to remove the background and make it more seamlessly integrated into the page. This is the final version, but just wanted you to notice the difference. I think its an improvement
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    I think it looks great! Did you use flash?
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    No, but I use flash on a very regular basis.

    I used Cinema4D to model and animate the Powerbook, and then used ImageReady to make the animated gif.

    The only thing that sucks is that it is 50x50. I modeled the laptop down to the last detail (even the speaker holes and whatnot). Im going to use it as part of my 3D demo reel though, and it will be seen up close then.
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    Re: Agreenster's Avatar submission #1

    this is one of the more interesting avatars out there right now

    what is on your screen...i can't quite make it out
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    can you set us up with an image or something of the larger version so we can appreciate the details?

    how long did it take to model?
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    Here is a screen capture-

    I still have to flesh out the keyboard, screen latches, and modify the textures. It was good enough for the tar.

    The screen is my desktop I use on my computer. Its the boat from my pirate animation. There was a thread on macrumors earlier about desktop pictures with a better rendering of it. I dont know where it is though.

    Anyway, Jello and Duke, I should have my movie done this weekend-

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    nice work. i need to start modeling things like that, just to hone my skills....

    how long did it take?

    looking forward to the movie.
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    2 hours or so. I didnt spend tons of time because it isnt what Im trying to focus on
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    ha could've fooled me

    just goes to show my lack of 3D skills as of now.... ahhhh. i was thinking like a couple days or so. i guess the key is that a lot of the work is just done by textures rather than fully modeled, eh?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice job. Did you use a color/bump map for the keys, or did you just model them in? I would have take a pic and seen how that came out, and the modified a b/w to make a bump map. How easy would that be to do in Cinema 4D?
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    No, its all modeled. It didnt take that long because, if you notice, the Ti is very basic in shape. Just rectangles with beveled edges.

    I used all nurbs, and booleans to get the holes out of the casing.

    No bump or displacement mapping.

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