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AHHH!! Have I ruined my Nano?! :(

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Jeppsy, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm really worried about my Nano - I listen to it everyday at work and normally the battery will last the whole day and some, i.e. around 12 hours. Now, after charging it on Friday night ready for Monday, the last two days it has only lasted for about 40 minutes?! :eek: Now, clearly this is unuseable - can I get a new one from Apple or can I remedy this? I bought it in October 2005.

    I know it's dramatic but I'm quite annoyed by this!! :mad:

    Thanks everyone! :)
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    mad jew

    When it goes flat, do you put it on the charger until it is completely charged up again? Maybe restore the firmware, although remember that this will delete everything on the nano. :)
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    Thanks! I charged it until the screen said battery full, thinking (rightly so) that it was then full, but today I'm having the same problem. What will installing the firmware do? :confused:
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    mad jew

    Well, rather than a bad battery, it could (and hopefully is) corrupt power management software in which case reinstalling it may get your battery back. A battery stops charging when the firmware tells it to so hopefully it's just a case of the iPod being told to stop charging prematurely. :)

    I'd say it's worth a try, good luck. :)
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    Has this happened a couple of times now? Just give it a full charge again and see if it occurs again. I know that sounds odd, but its worth a shot.

    If it does happen again you can clearly state when calling Apple that it has happened on a number of occasions ;)

    Edit: Whoa I missed alot and must be pretty badly wrong :)
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    Okay then, tonight when home I am going to give this a go. After that, Apple will feel my wrath!! :D

    What is their likely response? Would I get a new one for something like this?
  7. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    If you're nice to them and restoring the firmware doesn't work then I imagine you'll get a replacement. In my experience, they're pretty good about that sort of thing. :)
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    Before I do this, I have a question - if I restore the firmware, will I lose all of my iTunes? Don't want that to happen!! Or by 'delete everything on the Nano' do you mean just personal settings/time etc? :confused:
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    You lose everything you've ever put on the Nano.

    It will be as if you just took it out of the box.
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    mad jew

    You will lose everything on the iPod but most people have their iPods set to automatically update meaning that their computer has a copy of everything and resyncing puts it all right again. Do you have your music on the computer too?
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    Okay let me get this straight....

    My NANO will lose everything
    My iTunes will remain intact and formatted as they have been previously? (i.e. all track names, compilations set up etc).

    If this is correct then it's not a problem as all of music is in my iTunes. If I'm going to lose all of my iTunes then this presents a very different problem!

    Thaks for the input guys, I'm still a newbie to all of this! :D
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    mad jew

    Almost certainly. When you unplug the nano, do you still have all the tunes on the computer? If so, then you'll be fine and you'll just need to resync them. :)

    As the gorgeous devilot said, it'll be like a new nano. Hopefully the battery will act normally too. :)
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    Yes - when I unplug the Nano, everything is still on my PC as normal. So, here goes then!! I will try it now!!

    Thanks again.
  14. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    Good luck. I hope it solves the battery issue. Remember that you'll have to reconfigure the nano but it shouldn't be too much trouble. :)
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    Okay - I've done what you said....how do you reconfigure the Nano?

    Sorry for being so new to this! :D
  16. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    It's just a matter of setting it up how you like. So, plug it in like it's new and follow the prompts as to how to get the music across. The settings can all be found in the iTunes Preferences under the iPod section. If you have enough space on your iPod, I recommend just setting the iPod to automatically sync your library which basically means that you'll get a duplicate version of your computer's music on your nano. :)

    Did the firmware reset help the battery problem?
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    Okay I did what you said - but now all my iPod has on its screen is the white Apple logo. My PC doesn't even recognise the iPod now? When I'm in iTunes, the option 'update iPod' under file is greyed out? :confused:
  18. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    So did you restore the software (not update) and now it's not recognised? Is it the latest version that came out twelve hours ago? iTunes doesn't see the iPod, even when you unplug it and plug it back in? :)
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    Yes that's right - plugging in the iPod does nothing. :mad:
  20. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    Is there a power adaptor icon on the screen of the iPod?
  21. mpw


    No, Mariah Carey tracks can be deleted. You may have done irreparable damage to your hearing however!
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    Nope, it's the same black screen that you have when the iPod is brand new.....so I'm thinking it has been successfully cleared of all data but I just need to re-format it - but this I don't know how to do!! :confused:
  23. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    That doesn't make sense, iTunes should be recognising it. You don't need to format it because that's what the iPod Software Updater app does. Maybe just shut the machine down with the iPod unplugged, start it up again, open iTunes and then plug in the iPod and hopefully a dialogue box will appear giving you prompts to the first step of syncing back your music. :)
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    Staff Member

    Plug it in, then load the iPod Updater (not iTunes) and see whether that recognises it.
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    I agree - it should recognise it but with iTunes open it doesn't. I will follow your steps again tonight but I'm pretty sure I tried that last night. It's been annoying me that's for sure and thanks for the continued support guys!! :)

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