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aiplray mkv files

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by UKBeast, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Hi, I have not got an ipod touch but i am thinking to buy if it meets my need.

    I have got 1080p mkv moviels files I keep in an external hard drive attached to my internet router which can be accessed via ftp or samba, and a 3rd generation apple tv.

    I want to stream mkv files with subtitles srt,sub etc. to my HD LED TV via airplay on ipod touch to apple tv.

    Is the processor of ipod touch latest gen enough to do this ?
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    The movies need to be converted to an ATV3 native format. Handbrake can do this readily.

    Then you need to load them onto the iPod. It's probably easier just to let iTunes run with Home sharing enabled and use the touch as a Remote.
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    Converting files taking too much time, too much processor power, and I will have to keep mbp open to watch a movie.

    I need a solution to watch mkv with subtitles through airplay.
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    Unless you convert the files once, or use live conversion on your computer (as with Air Video Server), there's no way to do this. To get what you want, the iPod would have to natively support MKV files and it doesn't. Not likely that it ever will.

    Note: there are likely apps for a jailbroken touch that will do this.
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    So if it is jailbroken is the processor of ipod touch good enough to stream 1080p mkv ?
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    I'm not up to date on the Touch, but if it can handle 1080p MP4/M4V files, then it can handle MKV. It's just a different container, they all have h264 video inside.
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    The air video iOS app will let you stream your mkv files stored on your computer to your apple tv. I don't know if it works with srt files though.
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    Try this

    try http://beamer-app.com/

    support all common formats and resolutions. You don’t need to convert your videos. AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, WMV and FLV files will play just fine.

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