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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bendersxmas, Oct 29, 2003.

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    Can the Airport Card ID be changed ?
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    I assume you're referring to the computer's MAC address, which is tied to the Airport card. "Spoofing" MAC addresses is possible, but tricky, from what I understand.

    Why do you need to change it?
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    Just curious. In fact I just got a Mac and unfortunately I belong to this part of the population which refuses to read manuals. So I open dad's radio but than don't know how to put the parts together...

    Anyway. So on my journey through my Mac I noticed that the physical airport number appears also as airport ID in the sharing setting. Since I don't know enough yet about how to shelter my Mac from attackers, and since I don't want to share static information, I just wanted to know how to hide this ID or at least how to modify it. In fact I didn't know that this is called "spoofing" and after some research on the web, I am now more concerned than ever.

    Is there anything out there (not Northon please! ) to protect a Mac against intruders (free-or shareware preferred!) or at least to monitor my internet connection?
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    With 10.3 Filevault is pretty hardcore. You can also turn your firewall on your computer/if you have an airport base station you can also have a closed network to someone woulcn't be able to see it unless they knew the network name and password.
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    You have the built-in OS X Firewall, that is pretty good. But if you are paranoid. Get HenWen which is a GUI for Snort which is the best utility I know of for what you want. And its Open Source :)
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    thanks for the support. What about the program SunShield ?
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    Changing your Mac address can cause problems to a network. If you change your Mac address and there is another Airport card out there with an identical address, it might cause the network to crash. All Mac addresses are unique, so u might be taking a chance by manually changing it.

    The chances of this happening is slim, but it might.
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    ok I found snort but I couldn't find the right installation guide on So how do I install it ?
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    I run a wireless network and to stop people tapping into the system I upload all the MAC addys of the comps to the AirPort and then others are denied access to my proxy. There are a few ways to spoof ur addy but it is not something we would discuss on a forum like this.
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    People want what they can't get, the more you try to lock up your computer the harder people may try to hack in. If there is no challenge there is no point;)
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    BS. The harder it is the more likely they are to move on to an easier target. Why spend a ton of time/energy getting into something if there's an easier target that gets you the same exact thing?

    We're talking home networks here, not financial/government/corporate hacks done for prestige or info not available anywhere else.
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    It's called: A Challenge.
    Hackers often hack for no good reason but to prove their skills to others [hackers].
    Taking a candy from a baby is not as fun nor hard as robbing a police officer.
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    Sun Baked

    Please give us you home address, and a description of your car. :p

    So we can walk in your open door front, take your computer and your unprotected car.

    Since locking the doors to your house (and removing keys from the vehicles ignition) would just be a "challenge" and leaving the everything open is a deterent -- because it's too easy to steal from you.
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    I'm not arguing that. I'm arguing against the idiotic idea that home users should be wary of piling on the security for fear that it will make them bigger targets.

    To borrow your analogy, all home users are "babies" and banks/governments/businesses/educational institutions are "police officers". More bang for your buck.
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    I agree whole heartedly, it's the "Trill of the hunt" which many hackers are after.

    Sun Baked I don't own a car, My computer is a PC and my home is fully insured. So feel free to come by and steal what I have because it will only be replaced with more up to date products. Adelaide's a small place drop by some time.
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    Different people have different reasons to break the law. Can't protect against all of them.
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    Exactly, but you can protect against lazy/un-L337 hackers just trying to break into easy boxes.

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