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Air 2013 Refurbs?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by GekkePrutser, Aug 9, 2013.

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    I was just wondering, does anyone know how long it normally takes after new Airs get released, until they show up in the refurb store?

    I was thinking of getting an 11" again for on the road as I have to travel a lot more for work these days. But as it's purely for that purpose, I don't want to spend too much on it. It's been 2 months tomorrow so I hope they will arrive soon.
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    Usually a few months.
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    Depends on how long it takes for someone's MBA to fail. Most don't.
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    the better question is what sort of discount will you actually get by buying a refurb. I would say $150 max. Being back to school you can likley get that on a new model right now and not have to wait
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    Why not just buy a brand new 11 inch 2013 MacBook Air from Best Buy for $849?
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    Theirs no specific time frame, just once all those people on YouTube are done doing their reviews and coincidently come to the conclusion that a MacBook Air/Pro/iMac is "just not for them" and eventually send it back for a refund, Apple will have a sufficient inventory of refurbished MacBook Air to sell online.

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    About 6 months
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    Late Oct, early Nov.
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    A lot of refurbished models are probably returns.
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    Last year's June 1st announce, refurb avail Sept 15.
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    Wow.. are you some kind of analyst? :D
    Do you have a crawler checking when refurbs of each type popup in the refurb store?
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    I wish I could but I'm not in the US :) Here in Ireland there are no deals like that.

    Also thanks about the back to school idea but I'm not a student. Not sure if I could still get the gift card but I don't really have a use for one.


    Thanks!! That was just what I was looking for! This year the announcement was on 10 June so I'm hoping for mid September based on this.
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    Your prices make me sick/jealous....
    Starting at £547.28 ($849) in the USA
    Starting at £849 ($1317.05) in the uk..

    We get so ****ed on tax it is untrue :'(
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    Yeah, but you have free healthcare...:)
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    To be fair, the actual price (with tax) most of the time comes out to about $1080 or so in most places. I know, still quite a difference...
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    That is a bonus, I have been in and out of hospital over the past 5 years alot and been on a shed load of meds, I looked online and for me to buy the tablets I'm taking everyday (currently free) it would be costing me just under $1000 a month! :O

    However disregard my health, I want shiney toys :)

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