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Air feeling Sluggish

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rijowysock, Dec 11, 2008.

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    figured more than many mac genious' on here... my air has been feeling sluggish for the past few months, fan seems to be running quite a bit more as well.. wondering maybe if can suggest anything to "clean" it up a little..

    i basically only use it for: safari, ichat, mail, and sometimes Cs3 so its not heavily used.. just when i jump on.. sometimes takes a little bit for it to find the wireless network... then safari feels very sluggish at times.. nowhere near when i first bought it.. i had thought about reformatting but i dont want to lose my settings/files... i guess i could buy and backup on external harddrive but for that much work be easier to just get a new air and transfer the stuff over..

    any advice is appreciated.
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    trying runnng Yasu. Free app, will do some system maintenance and then reboot. Might work.
  3. h1d
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    is it about kernel_task?
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    yes, when i go to activity monitor.. usually kernal task is at the top...
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    Dang, updating and resetting permissions takes quite awhile...:eek:

    UPDATE: Amazing, though a bit slow; free space +3.5GB:cool:

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