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AIR should have been a G5 not a Core 2

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ajaidev, Feb 7, 2008.

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    I have been useing my Air quite a lot infact the weight is just so so good its like carryin" anyhow as the air is my first Intel based computer ever...:D

    But now to the point even tough the new Air is quite fast i like the tree menu the way it pops up to make a tree of icons in the new 10.5 but the Core 2 is a drag my friend has a 1.5 Ghz PowerBook 12" G4 and he can run the 10.5 really fine also i know that Core2 is faster but guys guys would you not feel better and different if you own a AIR WITH A G4 or a G5:apple:

    Why o why did apple take intel over powerpc's...:mad:

    I know this is a bit late but "late is better than never"lol
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    Serious question or rhetorical question?

    Serious question: Because IBM couldn't deliver the goods. Personally I'm glad they switched to Intel.

    Rhetorical question: Please don't start threads over rhetorical questions. ;)
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    C2D wipes the floor with G4 or G5, so no, I wouldn't rather have those.
  4. TEG
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    Sounds like you need to set performance to maximum. The Air has been shown to actually be faster than the fastest PowerMac G5.

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    The powerpc architecture was not sustainable. IBM was unable to make a mobile version of the G5 and the desktop version was a heat nightmare. The G4 was a descent processor but it is old old old and outmoded. The current lineup of intel chips are pretty good. It was a great strategic move on the part of Apple to go with Intel.
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    Tallest Skil

    *sigh* Pseudo-trolling...

    If His Jobsness and Jonathan Ive couldn't fit a G5 into a PowerBook, what makes you think they'd try again years later, after the processor switch, with a thinner notebook, when they have a greater supply of smaller, faster, cooler, better processors?
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    Ya i know the performance difference but i just saw a MAC VS PC ad on the tele with my friend and when i was showin' of the air and then he says "mac is a pc not a thing else its x86 intel same as what i have in my car so ur air is not a thing special to cheer about its just a pc with a linux OS " that left a deeeeep deeep hole in my heart i huuuged my darling ibook G3 when i came back home...!!!:(
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    Lone Deranger

    Please... go and study this.
    Your posts are awful to read.
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    Tell your friend, Mac OS X != Linux
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    IBM is the past, not the future. They'll be a note in a history book soon.
  11. NAG
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    IBM would not have made the chip necessary to fit in the Macbook Air. Intel did. Simple as that. IBM was too busy flaunting being in all the next gen game consoles and servers to care about the laptop market.
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    WHat do u guys say about AMD i hear they are Intel's enemy... anyhow searched on net found that amd is almost dead:confused: so does that mean that every thing will be *intel inside* will there be no diversity??

    Ya, you dont have to read them you know its not like i am watching you from ur windows with a laser gun in my hand....:rolleyes:

    BTW This was a joke dont take it too hard:p
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    Tallest Skil

    AMD's the bargain bin of processors. Intel isn't feeling pressured at all by them, and thus has no incentive to release Nehalem in June like I want them to. I wanted a Nehalem Mac Pro. :(
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    Can u pls clear that up for me?? Is Mac os X 10.5 not linux based ?? I want to so tell him he was wrong...:p
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    Tallest Skil

    They're both UNIX. OS X is just proprietary.
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    U mean Unix is linux is Mac os X that means he was right dam!!

    BTW u have a snow ibook?? what mac os ??
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    Tallest Skil

    Well... sure. He was right. Yes. Oh, and 10.4. It'll be my laptop for college, as I need my real power behind my desk. Hence, the future Mac Pro.

    Oh, fie, I can't take this anymore! This isn't SMS. This isn't Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, or iChat. This isn't a note that gets passed around in class. This is a forum. Forum is a Latin word meaning, in short, the corroboration of intellects in a general or specific use area. Not shorthand.

    Sorry, but I represent the ideal that all forum posts should have a specific, concise purpose. That's why my post count isn't higher than it is; I only post when I can deliver information in an aesthetically appealing fashion.

    And I just got five points for using aesthetically and corroboration in conversation. Yeah, I'm lame.

    Edit: Forgive me, Calculus is giving me a headache... Anyone know the derivative of e^x(sin x+cos x)?
  18. JNB
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    Unix is not Linux. Unix is the umbrella name for an entire family of *nix variants.

    Linux is Unix.
    MacOS is Unix. (BSD, more specifically, NOT Linux)
    HP-UX is Unix. (Also BSD, BTW)
    Solaris is Unix.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix Good reading for you (and your friend).
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    Ooo, jezz a really hot head, anyways killing time in office just taught i would speak my mind about the air maybe not my best decision of today...maybe not:eek:

    Ok definitely not...:p
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    Mac OS X Ocelot

    Office? Are you sure you don't mean junior high computer class?
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    Ya, am i Junior high (..the memories...) seriously now have to geekbench now ...!!
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    d/dx of e^u = e^u*u', right?.. so it'll be e^x(sinX+cosX)*[x(sinX+cosX)]'

    I think... it's been well over a year since I last looked at calc.. or would the [x(sinX+cosX)]' go before the e... shoot!:confused:
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    Go get a PC, you're annoying.
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    You guys are certainly being a bit harsh today. Doesn't sound like English is his first language?
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    They are "darn close". Close enough to say they are "related" maybe cousins (have a common grandparent)

    If you look at what ships with Mac OS X much of it is exactly the same code as with most Linux distributions.

    Of course they are different too.

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