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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by mobilemario, Oct 15, 2010.

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    has anyone successfully streamed 1080p mkv file to ipad ?
    I try to stream it from my mbp 13" on my time capsule network
    and only get Slow/Choppy video playback.
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    Not 1080, but 720 has worked fine.
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    I do that all the time with no issues. Of course Air Video converts the files live and downsizes them to 720p. The Air Video Server runs on a brand new Mac Pro. Before that I had a first gen. Mac Pro and sometimes it couldn't keep up with live conversion. The new model is much better at that :)
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    No mine always choked. I assume it was because I was only on 802.11g for wireless.
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    Why the hell would you stream 1920x1080 pixels to a 1024x768 display.
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    even 720p won't play smoothly for me ?
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    I download 1080p mkv files and I don't see why I should bother converting them to anything else. Air Video handles live conversion great on my Mac Pro.
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    ok streamed the 720p file from a hard drive instead of from time capsule
    it's working now

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