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Airdrop doesn't work on my iPhone 5...

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by corfio, Sep 22, 2013.

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    So I have a iPhone 5, never had the opportunity to try airdrop during the beta but yesterday. When me and my friend activated it on the two phones - my phone appeared to him ( he could send me files), but when I access the sharing menu it kept on saying that I need to activate airdrop in order to use it.

    Long story short after countless tries to send, hard resetting the phone, turning airdrop on/off - I couldn't "see" his device so I can send him picture. In the meanwhile I got few dozen pictures from him cause his devices was "seeing" mine..

    Anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks..
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    Do bluetooth and WiFi both work and are they turned on?

    If one or the other didn't work that might explain why the phone doesn't think Airdrop is enabled.
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    They are both activated and my phone receives photos via airdrop. At the same time I cannot send because in the share menu it says that is not activated...
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    I'd try a hard reboot and then a restore if the problem persists. Sounds like a bug.
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    1) maybe your friend didnt turn on bluetooth
    2) there are two options for the Airdrop to work: first one is Contacts Only and second one is Everyone.. Try using the everyone option
    3) a bug?

    I could be wrong :p

    Edit: the problem I listed might be on your friend's side
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    I am having this exact same issue. Tested it with someone else and he could see me and send me multiple files, but I never saw him.

    I also did hard resets, reset all settings, still can't find others.

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