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Airlines want travelers to leave locks off luggage

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Dec 19, 2002.

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    Mr. Anderson


    Ok, now this is going to suck. What about the luggage like Sampsonite that has locks built in to the case? Are they going to bust them open?

    And missing items will be handled on a case to case basis? How many people will use this to their advantage. Ugh! And I'm off to Pheonix in January....

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    Ok, it's time for me to rant.

    What makes terrorists want to kill us? It's because we're on their land and "holy land", and they don't want us there. We're also supporting the countries they hate.

    So what would be the most effective way to end the terrorists desire to kill us?

    A) Take away every right we as Americans have in order to protect our "freedom" ... (find the logic here)
    B) Bomb other countries that "support" terrorism and kill innocent citizens
    C) Stop pissing them off by getting out of the countries they don't want us in, and maybe save the lives of innocent american soldiers and regular citizens traveling in other countries

    I'll take C.
  3. arn
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    sigh... now I know I don't want to start this discussion... but just to play devil's advocate...

    what about next year, when a group of terrorists want Kansas? We leave Kansas?

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    Mr. Anderson

    haha - nice :D

    But I saw it more of an inconvenience and then you have to start worrying about what if something is missing, etc. They do have x-rays for all the bags, so I'm assuming that or a dog sniffing for drugs would justify openning them up.

    Its just the quality and skill of the searchers that becomes a problem - I can just see it now, your suitcase comes down the conveyor belt and hits the retaining wall, bursting all your dirty underware on the floor. There will no doubt be issues with this - I just not to have any myself.

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    Packing simple will just make the trip through the airport security less stressful & quick.
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    ...this is already happening.

    When I flew out of Phoenix to Newark (on America West) back in June, they forced the lock open to look inside (and left me a nice little note). Needless to say, I was pissed.

    They must have thought my camera tripod was a bomb... :rolleyes:
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    err... Well we wouldn't want what happened happened in Fight Club now would we?

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    Re: Unfortunately...

    what did the note say? oh, and did they say they had a reason? because they're supposed to have a warrant to break in to your property, and if they didn't show it to you...they're gonna be screwed...if anyone thinks i'm overreacting tell me and i'll stop. thanks
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    We are bombing their equivalent of kansas right now.
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    Well I guess that this means that if you have anything that you don't particularily want some random people in the airport staff to see then you had better carry it on. With them opening your luggage you can't put anything small in your suitcases, they might lose it, and you cant really put anything valuable in it, that just wouldn't be smart.:mad: :mad: :mad: This will be bad.:mad:
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    Re: Re: Unfortunately...

    They forced the lock open, but managed to force the lock closed again once they had completed their search.
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    If there's one thing Hitler tought us, its that appeasment always works!

    You freakin moron.
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    Actually.. we aren't bombing anything right now.

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