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AirPlay breaks wifi

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by JeffLebowski41, Nov 22, 2010.

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    I'm at a loss here. I've only successfully sent two things to my atv via airplay (a video in the ipod app and pictures from the camera roll). nothing else works. audio from the ipod-no, pandora-no. on top of this, whenever I close that airplay session wifi does not work until I completely reboot the phone. I've reset network settings, reset all settings..even set up the phone as new. Still the same issue. Is anyone else seeing similar things?
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    What iOS device are you using and what generation?
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    IPhone 4 and appletv2, both with today's software update. I guess I'll try the update on the atv again, but it seems like the problem is something getting corrupted on the phone. Remote app works perfectly for controlling the atv.
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    seems really bizarre that no one else is having this issue. I can use airplay for photos and youtube without issue. the moment I try and do audio from the ipod app or pandora, it doesn't work and wifi can no longer access anything on the phone. Only a phone reboot restores it.

    sometimes it says unknown artist, sometimes it will actually get the metadata correct, and sometimes there's just nothing at all on screen. regardless, I never hear sound being transferred.

    on comcast, with moto6120 modem, netgear 3500L router. If it just flat out didn't work, I'd be less frustrated. I have no explanation why some of it works but the rest doesn't. Not sure where to troubleshoot past what I've already done.
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    Have you tried reinstalling 4.2.1? Something may have gotten corrupt. So far AirPlay work perfectly from my iPhone 4 > Airport Express.
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    yep, completely reinstalled and set it up as a new phone. did a factory reset on the apple tv as well.
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    It's a long shot but you could delete the firmware you have and redownload it. If that doesn't work, I'd make a Genius Appointment.
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    I'll have to call or hit up the apple store I guess. Photos and YouTube app seem to work well, and I can in fact go back and forth. Audio remains a no go.
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    Having same issue here. Streaming audio from iPad to ATV2 or Airport Express doesn't work, and then the wifi on my iPad is frozen and doesn't work again until iPad is rebooted.

    Tried this on a different ATV2 and it also doesn't work.
    Tried streaming to my airport Express, but it doesn't even show up on the list of devices to stream to from the iPad (from the iPhone, it shows up well)

    However, streaming video (youtube) or pictures from iPad to ATV2 works fine.

    Also, streaming anything from my iPhone 3GS to ATV2 works well too.

    So the issue is limited to streaming audio from the iPad. It doesn't work, and it corrupts the wifi on the iPad until rebooted.
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    It sounds like you have a problem at your router or virus protection/firewall issues. Some people have reported turning certain things off like QoS on their router allowed Airplay to work correctly. Others reported that antivirus programs were blocking ports that Airplay needed to work.

    If your wifi starts acting wonky when you try to use Airplay or nothing shows up, those are two likely culprits.
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    I too am having bizarre WiFi issues with the new AppleTV. Yestderday after some brief AirPlay, my WiFi network went crazy. Slow access to the web across devices (MacBook, iPhone 4, iPad), my other AppleTV's were stuttering video. I restarted everything. The Airport, the Cable modem, the iPad, and iPhones.... nothing. Then I checked on my AppleTV2 and it was locked on a picture from AirPlay streaming. I had to unplug the box and then had all sorts of start-up problems with video display. I did a reset (center + menu?) and finally it came back on. All of a sudden all of my WiFi problems disappeared......

    Drove me crazy for an hour.

    Just my $.02
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    I've pretty much narrowed it down to something with the router setup, but I have no idea what. Using a Netgear WN3500L. QoS is off and I'd forward ports, if I had any clue which ports it needed. Would be interested to hear if anyone else was having issues with airplay and this router-- Or if it is working fine for you.
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    Is anyone having issues with having to reconnect to the local network (wifi)? Besides losing the itunes connection to the network connected PC, I also lose internet connectivity. Tried to configure the ATV2 network manually and I still lose connectivity at times. Especialy after I wake from sleep mode.

    I had a similar problem with my iphone 4 before the 4.2.1 update.
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    I had a problem where I noticed that the wifi on my iPhone was messed up. eg 4000ms ping.

    I started working out what I'd done, and came up with airplay to the Apple TV being a problem.

    And guess what? I have the Netgear WNR3500L. (is that the same as yours?)

    Just upgraded the firmware to the latest on the router, but no help.

    Did you work anything out?
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    I'm experiencing a similar problem, and I too have a Netgear (DG834G v5 running latest firmware TKV6.00.26).

    I suppose its time to run an ethernet cable to my aTV and Mac :(
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    interesting, now we are getting somewhere. Seems like a router issue. Unfortunately, I have not found a solution yet. The recent appletv update did not fix anything. I have updated the router firmware as well. It does not work either wired to the router or wireless. Perhaps installing dd-wrt or tomato would fix it, as they are both supported on this router. I had dd-wrt on it before but I was having trouble getting decent N speeds from my imac. Performance was much slower than the stock firmware (ex, HD videos that streamed fine with stock were choppy on dd-wrt). Probably could have been fixed in one of the numerous dd-wrt settings, but most of that stuff is over my head. Maybe this will be a reason to give tomato a try.
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    I am having the same issue with my iphone 3g os is 4.2.1 and the ATV is about 4 days old, and am assuming the os is up to date. However, my ATV is hardwired into my cable (att uverse) modem, because the ATV is only a couple of feet away from the modem, and I could.
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