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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by marcel500, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Hello I am asking myself if it will be possible to stream music from my iOS device directly to the new Apple TV or an Airplay station (formerly Airport Express) - so no Itunes in between.

    Iphone 4.1 (music on Iphone) stream to Airplay in the kittchen.

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    Yep, that's right
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    But isn't the remote app linked to itunes ? How will that work?
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    It you want the remote app, you have to download through itunes. However, you can stream from the ipod app on your iphone without itunes.
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    Ok, so you are saying I can stream from my Iphone straight to airplay/Airport Express without having Itunes in between?

    From which iOS version will this be possible? iOS 4.1 ?
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    First of all the current Remote App only controls Apple TV and doesn't stream anything.
    Second, Airplay will allow you to stream music and video to your Apple TV so long as your iDevice has iOS 4.2 (Set for November Release)
    Thirdly, no iTunes will not be a necessary middle man for Airplay.

    Your Welcome and here's a link. (Feature is at the bottom of the page.)
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    What about streaming to Airplay (Airport Express) directly?
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    I just downloaded the remote app and installed it on my iPod Touch. Used it to control iTunes on my mbp and it does what the description says it does... it's great... I like it.
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    Can I stream music from my Iphone directly to Airport Express (now Airplay) without having Itunes in between?

    What I understood is, that it might be possible but not sure.
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    Folks, I've got the same question as the OP and nobody seems to be understanding the question:

    I have music on my iPhone.

    I want to listen to that music in my house sound system.

    Can I connect that sound system to an AirPort Express audio jack, and send an audio stream from my iPhone directly to that AirPort Express over WiFi?

    Currently, AirTunes only supports this 'sending an audio stream' feature from iTunes on a computer. iOS devices don't work as the source of audio.

    Nothing about this question involves the new AppleTV (this forum section is called "Apple TV and Home Theater") or the iPhone's ability to remote control a different source. :rolleyes:
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    Yes. This will be possible when iOS 4.2 comes out in November.

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    I believe this will be the case when the iphone/ipad recieve 4.2. You should be able to stream directly from the iphone/ipad to a airport express or a "airplay" capable stereo that most likely be coming out. iHome just put some information out today about it.

    The real question is, can it play Pandora in the background over Airplay or are we stuck with whatever is in your library. Make good on it Apple...and you will sell millions of iDevices.
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    Oooh... that would be excellent.
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    THANKS, fingers crossed!!!!!
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    This (airplay) is probably the killer feature for the appleTV, and to a certain extent the airport express.

    Being able to switch from watching/listening to content on my iOS device to listening via my various systems around the house is extremely compelling for me. Using the existing remote app is clunky at best on iOS devices, so this looks to be a real leap forward in usability.

    The part that I'm curious about is whether that will extend to streaming content via the web, or just content that's local (sync'd) to the iOS device. For example, if I'm watching a video on some site like Lifehacker on my iPad, in theory airplay should allow me to stream that to one of my aTV's.

    it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. I know a lot of people are bent out of shape over things like no 1080p and tv show rentals vs purchasing, etc... But for me the main use case has to do with how these devices work together (desktop/laptop, airport express, aTV, iPad/iPhone/iTouch). This looks like a great step in the right direction.
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    iOS Airplay doesn't come before iOS 4.2?
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    ^ No. It's a new feature in iOS 4.2.
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    There is some rampant speculation here. Did Apple indicate that two year old Airport Express will be Airplay compatible?
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    The 4.2 page says:

    "Wirelessly stream videos, music, and photos from iPad to the new Apple TV, and stream music to AirPlay speakers or receivers, including AirPort Express

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple ships a firmware update for the current model AirPort Express (802.11n) around the same time as 4.2.
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    Thank you, I have a wasted Express that will find new life.
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    Do you think it's possible to stream content from an iOS Device to a Mac running itunes instead of an AppleTV? I'd like to stream content from my ipad to the htpc-mac-mini at my gf house.

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