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Airplay- is a wireless network needed?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nzlucas, Sep 22, 2010.

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    With the airplay streaming will you need a wireless network setup or will the device be able to talk without one.

    Reason I ask is I am moving into a new flat will not have Internet for a bit so might have to hold off buying an apple tv and iPad.

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    Other folks feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you can use Airport on your Mac to set up an Ad-hoc network (without a router in the mix) that will allow a wireless connection between your Mac and ATV. Obviously this will be for streaming only and you won't be able to connect to the iTunes store.
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    how do u do that?
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    Not sure how on a PC, but on a Mac you can do this in the menu bar by clicking on the Airport status icon. One of the choices there allows you to create a network. At one time it was phrased "Create a computer to computer network" but now I think it reads differently. In any case, it should be pretty straightforward. Be aware if you do this, that you then will be on this ad-hoc network and not your primary network, so you won't be accessing the internet at this point. You would have to switch back when you want to get online.
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    on xp to set up a adhoc
    1) , right click wireless adapter and then click properties.

    2) Wireless Network Connection Properties will appear. Click Wireless Networks tab, here I tick Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings. After that click Advanced button.

    Wireless Network Properties

    3) Advanced window will appear. Select Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only option. Click Close at last.

    Ad Hoc Mode

    4) After that, click Add to add new ad hoc wireless network.

    Add Ad Hoc Network

    5) Name your ad hoc network, hTry to use open authentication without encryption first. After tested it works well, only proceed to enable WPA or WEP encryption. Click OK at last.

    Add Ad Setting

    6) Now you will see your created ad hoc network (PC card icon) in preferred networks list. Wooo.. Yoive done
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    Mr Kram

    if it's just temporary, you can connect your mac to the atv directly via ethernet. i do this often when i'm syncing a bunch of new content.
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    i belive he means ipad and atv for air play ipad will need wifi for airplay
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    If you have a wireless router, you don't need internet access for the local wireless network to work. The iPad and Apple TV will be able to talk to either other as usual. Airplay works over a local wireless network. Internet access is not needed.
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    Mr Kram

    good catch matty. sorry.
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    Wireless network minus internet connection is a great idea, except i don't have a router yet : ( hmm thanks a couple of things to think over, ultimately apple has been positioned itself strongly to web usage so i may just have to get the internet then wait til i can afford the rest.
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    I have the same question-- though I'm guessing I'll have to wait till ios 4.2 to find out. I'm interested in using an appletv + ipad as a travel system (don't want to have to also set up a wifi hotspot every time I go somewhere.)

    Basically I'm curious about streaming music to a car stereo wirelessly from my iPad. Maybe I need an airport express, instead... assuming I can use airplay to send audio to an airport express directly from the iPad.

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