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Airplay speakers

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pound4pound30, Sep 28, 2010.

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    A quick question with the upcoming Airplay option. Can anyone recommend some good speakers or a possible surround sound system that will work good with this option? Thanks for all the help.

    I don't know where to post this thread, please move to where it should go.
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    You can use any pair of speakers with AirPort Express. BTW, you posted this on Apple TV forum but so are you planning to use them with your Apple TV or with another Apple product? That is fairly important
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    Denon announced a firmware update for their receiver that will allow AirPlay. You would still need to purchase separate speakers though:

    iHome is showing a preview graphic of their upcoming stand-alone speaker, but no real information:

    There are no current AirPlay speakers, so your question can't really be answered.
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    I plan on using them with my new Apple TV but would also like a set of speakers. If that makes sense?
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    I think you need to better define the setup you want. When you state "Airplay speakers", that to me means any stand alone speaker system.

    It sounds like you just want to be able to hook up your AppleTV to a home theater receiver. If that's the case, any receiver that can take an HDMI input will work.
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    I'll try to be specific. My apple tv will be in my room.I want speakers in the living room. I see the new remote app says you can control volumes of multiple speakers. I want something that says like living room speakers and dining room speakers.
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    For every room you wish to stream audio to, you'll need a speaker setup capable of streaming via AirPlay. I would recommend using a set of powered speakers like the Audioengine A5 combined with an Airport Express. These eliminate the need for a receiver, and the Airport Express can actually plug into the back of the left channel speaker. You can then control the speaker volume via the Remote app on your iPhone/iPad/iTouch.

    For under $500, you can have a very respectable sound setup for secondary rooms in your home.
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    Or just wait a few months, and get a set of airplay capable speakers, and then it will all be in one unit.
    http://www.ihomeaudio.com/airplay/ for one example, although i remember hearing that a few other manufacturers are planning models.
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    I've been using Bose Sounddocks with Airport Express in rooms that I don't want an amp. I understand that Bose may be coming out with Airplay enabled stuff which I am assuming just eliminates the need for an Airport Express. For my family room and outdoor speakers I run audio into the receivers from Airport Express or Apple TV. If you have a receiver you can use whatever speakers you want.
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    I'd also give a shout out for the AudioEngine 5 speakers. Great...great sounding speakers with a great build quality. The standard black finish are $349. I bought the bamboo finish for $449. Beautiful cabinets. These really put out the sound with excellent bass response. Best $450 I ever spent

    The speakers are wireless ready so they work with the Apple Airport Express.


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