Airport Base Station Extreme w/modem and without a Modem?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sandro, Jan 28, 2003.

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    Ok Apple has two new Airport Base Stations, one without a Modem or Antenna port for $199 and the one with the Modem and antenna port for $249, does ANYONE know for sure what the differences are? why would I need one with a modem, or one without a modem? Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Ok I think I fugure it out, let me know if I'm wrong here, the one without the modem is only for Broadband USERS only, and the other is for people that still use a 56k modem and have the option of using broadband as well. am I right?
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    You are quite correct. Most people who would take advantage of a wireless network already have broadband access, which uses a separate modem, and then connects via ethernet cable. But the Airport hub has an option of an internal 56k modem, both for dialup, and calling your computer with remote access. Which can be handy, depending...

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    Thanks alot for the confirmation, I will be getting one in the future but was unsure which one would be best for me, but now I know, I need the one with the modem built-in, since I still use a 56k modem, and as a bonus, when the time comes for me to get a broadband connection, I'll be set! Thanks again!:D
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    Good use for the Aiport + modem (based on the advertising blurb - don't have one yet): my broadband provider doesn't provide a dial-in number for backup, so if I'm away from home I'd either have to live without net access (noooo!), or take out a separate dial-up subscription - waste of money when the broadband's already costing me a fortune :(

    With an Airport + modem, I can dial in to the Airport base station & use my broadband connection from anywhere - just have to remember to leave the base station plugged in. Handy...
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    Using broadband remotely... ???

    Is this really possible? If it is, I've ordered the wrong base-station and should definitely get the one with the modem, but it sounds a little far fetched if you don't mind me saying!

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    Yes, you can dial into your basestation if you have the modem version. The main point it that you can dial in an retreve files from your computers that are connected via airport at home. Apple says that you need to have file sharing turned on, but I would guess if you turned on internet sharing it would do the same thing.

    Also the modem version has an external antenna port- you can get an omni-directional one that boosts the signal to 250 feet in any direction or a directional version which beams the signal in a 70' wide 500' long band!
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    Actually, file sharing and internet sharing are two different protocols, what you need to turn on is "File Sharing" if you wish to share your files with other computers, and "Internet Sharing" if you wish to share your Internet connection with other computers via airport or via ethernet, but it does not give you access to your files. ;)
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    Dork Dork Dork...

    I calculated the width of the beam of the directional antenna to be 700'!! at its signal dissipation point. That's one big wireless connection! Plus, if another beam (even 500' away) contacts the first, they can bridge a HUGE distance for 802.11g.

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