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Airport Express card dead?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Thirteenva, Jan 21, 2005.

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    Recently (about 4 days ago) I started getting regular kernal panics. At least one a day on my 1ghz alum powerbook. Never had any issues with it ever. I looked in the panic log and it traced it back to the airport express card. I'd post the backtrace but i do not have my powerbook with me right now.

    I turned off the computer and removed the airport card, then put it back and restarted. Now the powerbook does not find the airport card and tells me no card is installed.

    Has anyone had an issue with an airport card dying? I'd actually be relieved to find that its only a dead airport card and not an issue with the computer itself.
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    I bought an Airport card from a dealer that when installed in my iBook G4 caused the system to fail at startup - it would chime and the fan would run, but the screen stayed black and the system didn't boot. The dealer asked for return of the card and gave me a full refund. The replacement card was fine.

    I have no idea what the issue was with the card, but I had also tried it in my G5, and it caused the same failure to boot.
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    Fortunately my system is booting. And the card is as old as the computer is, i bought them at the same time. It has always worked fine until recently.
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    It does, however, seem likely that your Airport card has failed - though it's not at all clear what the cause might be.

    Did you by any chance recently update the Airport card firmware or Airport software on your Mac? The reason I ask is that the dealer mine came from claimed that there were potential incompatibilities between some firmware versions and some software versions. I don't know how likely an explaination that might be, but I do recall reading on macfixit that some users had reported issues after the last Airport software update.
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    Can't recall when i installed the last update, but I am up to date as far as firmware updates from apple. I wish I knew someone with an airport extreme card so i could try replacing mine and see if it works. I don't mind buying a new airport card, but would hate to find out that its an issue with the logic board or a connector that I can't fix.

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