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Airport Express is not the answer for WiFi audio

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Apple of my eye, Jun 10, 2004.

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    As cool as the AE is, slim devices ( http://www.slimdevices.com/ ) has a much cooler wireless network option for playing music ( and full iTunes compatibility as well! ). Their device comes with a remote, display for song info and a beautiful design. It unlike to AE is not a wireless base station however.

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    i looked at the site, and i can't find anything stating "full itunes compatibility". i see that it can use the itunes library, but it does not use itunes (the application) in *any* way. also, it mentions it will play aac files, but i couldn't find any statements about drm, itms, etc.. please, if i missed something or read something wrong, correct me.

    also, how is this "cooler" than apple's offering? for $70 less, i can also do a printer share and use it as a wireless router for 10 users. the remote is nice, but how close do you have to be to that screen to read the led display?
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    yeah and the wired version costs 200 and the wireless costs 280, the Airport Express is better by far because it has more features and is cheaper
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    For me, $280 is a little hard to justify for a device that only streams music (only 802.11b, in fact). At $130, AEx is a portable wirless base-station (802.11g) with printer sharing and audio out (analog and digital). There will be remotes and displays on the market soon enough, for those who need them.

    You headline should be: Airport Express is not the *only* answer for WiFi Audio.
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    doesn't handle Fairplay (DRM) AACs

    SLIMs stuff is good, but it can't handle protected AAC files.
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    Then what's the point? That makes it useless...

    edit: Now that I think about it, my library doesn't have any protected AACs from the iTunes music store. It would be useless, though, if I decided to buy a couple. I want it to be able to play all, not some, of my songs.
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    Slim's device is too expensive for me, even if it DID handle protected AAC audio.

    I wonder how long it might take Belkin or Griffin or someone to design some kind of plug-in USB dongle for AE Express that would be a receiver for a remote control (and, of course, a pass-through USB port so you could still hook up a printer). Kind of like the NaviPod, where the unit plugs into the iPod and you can control it from across the room. This is assuming, of course, that the AE Express provides reciprocal communication with iTunes.....
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    Wireless Navigation

    The squeezebox apparently provides wireless navigation of the music library which would be very cool but does it provide for itunes streaming allowing for navigation on the itunes host computer?
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    This doesn't seem to be better than an Express at all.
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    will either stream 5.1 sound? I'm thinking of a laptop setup ---> wireless audio to the receiver.
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    To each his own...

    I would rather have the Airport Express. I already have a stereo system
    with optical out and I can't wait to stream music from my powerbook to
    that stereo. I don't need a remote because my bluetooth cell phone controls my itunes playlists and volume.

    I really don't care about viewing the song titles on that little box. Plus
    Airport Express will play my protected AAC files.
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    Why would it matter if your stereo had an optical out? That would go to a DAT deck, Minidisc etc. Did you mean optical in?
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    I have just pucrahsed and set up my airtunes and its very very cooL! I also set uo sailing clicker on my PDA (via bluetooth) whoch is very good apart from the fact it uses bluetooth....My Powerbook is in my study, and my lounge is about 20 feet away, and bluetooth just doesnt reach that far! Is there any software that will use WIFI rather than bluetooth? I have searched high and low but there is nothing....well ihope i am wrong of course. Any help would be brilliant.
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    Since it's a PB, why not just move it to the lounge??
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    You could just use the AirPort Express and then attach the Keyspan Express Remote base to APExpress using the USB port - then you can use a remote for AirTunes - and those two things total will be under $200.

    Link to Keyspan Express Remote
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    But see, a Laptop is a great reason for having an AE. I'm in a college dorm, and I'd love to be able to eliminate 3 wires that strap my computer down, my printer, my ethernet, and my stereo. Now if only I could get wireless ipod syncing/charging as well as a wireless turbo mouse...

    On a completely different note, I'm now opening an "AE for poor college student" fund.

    Tyler Z.
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    A lot of colleges will not allow students to set up any kind of wireless networks in them. Obviously, there are many ways to keep them hidden from the Networking people, but worthy to note anyway.
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    i think www.sonos.com got it right. i'm gonna have to get one of those. A GREAT idea
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    I have a study, and i really ccant be bothered to move my laptop into another room every time i want to play some music!

    All sorted now anyway, i have been abke to extend the bluetooth range thanks to a 10M USB cable, and now my lounge has 100% bluetooth coverage, so im using a sony PDA as a remote. Its a very cool setup
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    Agreed, especially the controller looks very slick. Two problems, though: doesn't play drm-ed files, and you have to use the amplifier built into the "zone player" (as opposed to the much better amplifier you may already have).
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    I love sitting on my couch surfing the net and listening to music from my powerbook to airport express. I wouldn't want anything else. my powerbook
    tells me what song i'm listening to and controls the volume. Why have another box for this?
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    looks cool and it sounds like it gets the job done (did i miss anything about protected AAC files?!) notice how the hand held controler emulate an iPod except sideways. i think apple nees to put an airport extreme card into the iPod color then you can have similar controls!!! that or someone should come out with an external wifi atatchement so then older pods could be hooked up as well. im trying to get my 1st gen iPod to hold out long enough for wifi to hit the new pods!
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    TiVo is better than this if you are streaming MP3 -- it can also handle JPEG, though alas AAC is currently not possible.
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    True, but you can use an speakers of your choice. and each boxe takes not only two speakers but a sub. Its designed to circulate around the house as opposed to be on one location.

    PS. what are drm-ed files/
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    DRM stands for "digital rights management" and DRMed files are files which have DRM applied to them which limits their use in some way. Here, we are talking about AAC files with DRM, which is every AAC file bought from the iTunes Music Store (although not ones you rip yourself). DRM AAC files are also known as "protected" AAC files.

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