Airport Express Speaker Options?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DaveGee, Jun 28, 2008.

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    I posted this in the peripherals form but realize this might be a better fit...

    Airport Express Speaker Options?

    Simple question I'm thinking about utilizing a few Airport Express around the house and wanted to know... What are you using to connect speakers to the airport express?

    1 - Powered Speakers (aka with built in amps)?
    2 - Amp+Speakers??

    What kind of results have you gotten and more importantly what kind of amps or speakers should I (would you) be looking at today if you had to do it all over again?

    I'm sure the Amp+Speakers is a better route but I don't want to spend a lot on this (not a huge audiophile by even the loosest definitions) and if I did go the AMP route I'd really like to use a 'low profile' one (small) if at all possible.

    Thanks for any and and insights!

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    I've been very pleased with my powered HK SoundSticks II plugged directly into the AE.
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    ok this seems like an obvious one-i have it hooked into my stereo. anything with rca inputs will work (which is the majority of stereos these days.)

    i wanted to add a point to this question, who is using the optical out? i don't find a lot of options for mini stereos with optical in's when i look around (any suggestions?)
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    Interesting... what sized room do you have them in?

    On the other hand... I'm opting for something where I can either wall/ceiling mount (yea I know then I need the AMP) or in some way keep them kinda out of sight... but the subwoofer seem to be kinda 'front and center' if you know what I mean and I'm guessing that the 2 speakers + woofer need to be pretty close together.

    I guess I could make it work but with a very traditional living-room style the wife is not going to want them seen... (too modern for the rest of the room).

    Family Room and Guest Room might be a more acceptable fit with the wife.

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    Yes i am using the optical out it works fine imho i believe its better to keep the signal in the digital domain. My sony amp has a few optical ins luckily, however if i were to get another amp i would look for a minimum of five.
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    About 12 x 24 feet (3.5 x 7 metres in French). Never had them up to 11, 'cause they're too bloody loud.

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