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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ScotRobson, Jul 30, 2004.

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    Hi all

    For an AirPort Express to work with your mac does the mac need to have something installed to be compatible or will it work on any mac?

    I have read the details on the Apple store but to be honest I don't understand it.

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    As a wireless base station you need nothing extra just to use it. I'm not sure but you may need an additional piece of software to configure it. There is some software already installed in /Applications/Utilities for the Airport Extreme but I'm not sure it works with the express. To use the airtunes functionaility you need the latest version of itunes.
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    I'm not sure how, how basic a question you're asking, so forgive me if I'm being silly.

    You will need a wireless card in the Mac -- either an Airport card or an Airport Extreme card. That's the only hardware you need.

    Aside from that, you need OS X (or XP or win2k on a PC). If you want to change settings for the Airport Express from the computer, there is software you have to install that Apple provides. If you want to broadcast music, the only thing you need additionally is the latest iTunes.
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    It was a very basic question ;) I was looking into getting the Airport Express to use with iTunes only, but I had a feeling you needed some sort of card, I dont think my mac has this so I think i will wait until the G5 iMac and remember to have it added when I order it :)

    Thanks for you help
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    The G5 iMac should have a wireless card as standard.. I know Apple like to keep extras to a minimum, but really, if the new iMac is to remain the hub of the digital home and they want to boost Aiport Express sales then it would make business sense to include it as standard.
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    I was thinking that at the time of writing. Fingers crossed!
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    ive just received one and its a piece of piss to use. just load the enclosed cd and follow the prompts. using it at mo for wireless audio and probs. 10.3. though
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    So "piece of piss" is a good thing? I was all concerned, and then I read the second sentence... :)
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    LOL :D i love that phrase
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    'Piece of piss' is a quant UK English phrase meaning 'Extremely easy' - see also 'a doodle'. :)
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    Is it not a "doddle" ;)
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    Mary Quant? GROOVY!
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    APEx Problem

    Piece of Piss aside, I got my APEx last night and I have a few problems.

    I have a LinkSys 802.11.b router. I connected my APEx to my stereo and installed the software on my totally unwired G4 Quicksilver.

    Problem is that I cannot get the APEx on my existing network. So, I can either send music to the APEx or surf the net, not both. Plus, switching between the airport networks causes the G4 to have to reboot to see the other network.

    My set up is this:
    DSL modem to LinkSys 802.11b router. Wireless to G4 and Powerbook.
    I got the impression that adding an APEx to the stereo was similar to adding a wireless card to it, like my PS2. So I instal the software and stream music and I am all happy. But this is not so.

    I do not need to bridge, or share a printer, but I do need to stream music. Anyone have success with a similar set up/
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    seamuskrat, I think the only way to get that setup working correctly is to either wire the computer to the Linksys, or wire the APEx to the Linksys, in both cases with Cat5 or 5e. The reason for this is that in order for a computer to stream music to an APEx AND have Internet access, those services must exist on the same network. APEx's can only merge (act as a repeater-like device) on networks with an Airport Extreme or another Express.

    There have been reports of successfully getting APEx's with Linksys routers as a merged wireless (all around) setup, but I believe that only works with 802.11g-based routers. It involves flashing the Linksys router with Apple-compatible bridging in the new software - bridging that is based on specifications in the 802.11g 'standard.'

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    I'd just like to say that I like the new abbreviation. ApEx? Very cool.
  16. DJY
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    My ApEx is working fine!
    Setup no problems...
    but did notice earlier today - that I'm about five metres away from it - in the same room - and I only have the bottom two bits of my WiFi icon in the top of my screen darkened?!?!?!
    Did see it at one stage go to three (out of a possible four a couple of times) but thought the signal strength in the same room would be max (four?)

    might have to test the distance / range of it later....
    anyone else noticed problems? or short distance?
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    Yeah. I think I've abreviated it about eighteen different ways :eek: .

    I think the extreme should be ApXT, and the express ApEx.

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    an to this original post. As i said before 1st set up ok. when i went to use the express today the imac couldnt connect to it. after 3 hours of rebooting checking etc, got it to work as a seperate network (ok) I cannot get it to work as originally was ie... using a linkseys 802.11b router and as a seperate client. tried everything. Oh no looks like ill have to call apple tech on monday (hope i havnt got anything planned for a few hours)

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