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AirPort Extreme Questions.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nerveosu, Jan 7, 2003.

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    So.. what will an airport extreme card work in.. it looks like only powermacs and new powerbooks.. am I right?

    Can someone tell me why they could not use the old form factor and why it could not be compatible with and iMac DV (slot load iMac G3).

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    Re: AirPort Extreme Questions.

    only the new 12 and 17 inch powerbook support this new airport. we will have to wait for next hardware releases for the new airport. and im sure apple would have used the old form factor if it was easier.

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    So that eventually we will all give in and buy a new mac.

    How long can you resist the pull?
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    I don't know much about it yet, but I'm wondering if we can get the new cards to fit in where the old ones are.
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    This is from Apple's Airport Extreme Card page in the Apple Store.

    "* Requires AirPort Extreme ready system. AirPort Extreme ready systems are those with mini-PCI support form factor. AirPort Extreme cards cannot be used in older AirPort card bays (PCMCIA form factor slot)."
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    Well, if you look at the difference between the old and new cards you will see that they have different size and connectors.

    I figure we'll see some sort of option to get us there at some point. At least, I hope we do. I'll be mighty disapointed if we lose out.

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    Thanks Soma_Addict and alset, I haven't been to the Apple site yet, so your info, saved me some time researching it myself.

    I guess, I'll have to wait until I'm ready to upgrade. Maybe next year.
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    with a built in USB print server, I am sold. I will get one within a month.

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