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Airport extreme USB

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hui__lim, Nov 10, 2003.

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    I noticed that there is a USB port situated with the new airport extreme. Does this mean that if I were to plug my USB ADSL modem into the airport extreme base station, i would no longer have to use leave my pc on whenever i want to use the net? At present, my config is that the USB ADSL modem is connected to my PC desktop which is left on 24 hours a day (purely to allow access for my PB on wifi). This is connected to an airport basestation (the airport generation prior to extreme). What I want is to bypass my PC (hence it doesn't have to be turned on everyday) and allow my airport to allow my PB to connect to the internet. Is there any possible solutions? Thanks
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    First of all, the USB port on the Airport Extreme base station is for USB printers. It allows you to wirelessly print to a USB printer.

    Secondly, that sounds like an unusual setup you've go going. Doesn't your DSL modem have an ethernet jack on the back. Mine has a USB jack too, but its also got ethernet. If it doesn't have ethernet, I'd suggest getting a new DSL modem that does have it. It will make your setup so much simpler and more reliable.
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    No it does not have an ethernet jack on the ADSL modem. Well let's say that I go out and get an ADSL modem with an ethernet jack, what would I do next with it? Just plug the ADSL modem into the airport basestation I guess. Will this work with the airports that doesn't support airport extreme or do only the new airport extreme support these? Also, how would I be able to dial up my ISP if my modem is connected to the airport?
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    If you plug a cable or DSL modem into the airport basestation via ethernet, you can use it with any 802.11b or 802.11g computer.
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    You mention dial-up, I hope thats a typo. DSL doesn't "dial-up". Assuming you do have DSL, you'll need to determine if the new modem you buy has a router in it. Most do not, but my modem does. If it does have a built-in router, you need to buy a hub or switch, preferably a switch. Hook up the switch to the modem, and the Airport and any other wired computers to the switch. If the modem does not have a built in router, you need to buy a router, and hook the modem up to that, and the airport and other computers to the router.
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    Well to connect to my ADSL ISP, in Windows, I need to click on Connect, to be able to use DSL. The connect will then log in my username and password thus allowing me to use ADSL. How would I perform this equivalent on a Mac if I were to link the modem to the Hub?
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    Hmm, I'm kinda unfamiliar with that. I know what you're talking about though. My aunt has to do that with her DSL as well. On my DSL (SBC), you just plug in the ethernet and go. It's all DHCP, with no authentication. I think most newer setups are like this. My aunt was one of the first people to get DSL awhile back, and I think thats why she has to do the authentication thing (older technology). You might try contacting your ISP and asking them if you can setup your DSL to not have to press "connect". Just don't mention you're trying to add more than one computer, or they might get upset.
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    That's PPPOE, and that can be set in Network preferences on a Mac. I'd assume that the Airport Base Station has PPPOE built-in as well.
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    Yes it does. PPPoE is fully supported by the AEBS.

    You should get a modem with an ethernet out port instead of USB. If your provider won't supply one, it's worth picking one up yourself. You'll probably save a couple bucks each month on the modem rental as a side benefit. Connecting to the network via USB is just not right IMHO.
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    Sounds pretty simple and easy since that I now know that PPOE is supported. Does this mean that if my Mac dials to connect to the DSL ISP, the people on my network will still be able to access the net via it? My network currently has my bro's pc laptop and a desktop (windows), will this work out? Does this also mean that there is no need for me to purchase a new airport extreme base station and i am able to use my current airport base station (the genration before extreme?) by just buying a DSL modem with an ethernet socket?
    Many Thanks all
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    I am not sure about this, but I think you can also use the usb port on your airport for a modem.
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    oops...this info has already been covered...sorry. :(

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