Airport in the bathroom

Discussion in 'iPod' started by superhuman, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Does anybody use Airport Express to stream music to speakers in the bathroom? If so, please elaborate on your setup. I'm worried about the humidity damaging the speakers, so please address that concern as well if you have any experience.

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    I don't use Airport to do it, but I have a pair of old computer speakers (came with a Dell) and I just plug my iPod in. There is no damage to them from humidity, but I don't know how the Airport Express would fair.
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    I think that different people having similar solutions to problems is awesome. I use Airfoil to stream, and other audio to speakers in the bathroom for showering. The speakers have handled any humidity problem flawlessly, but I was also concerned with the humidity issue with my Airport Express.

    I ran a short extension cable outside the door, and audio cable back in to the speakers, but a person could likely solve this problem just as easily by keeping the AE in the cabinet and running audio cables out.
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    I think for this you should ask the mac technician ... they will certainly help you out.
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    I wouldn't do it.. Water (and water vapour) and electronics don't go well together.
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    get some weatherproof/outdoor amplified speakers and you should be fine.
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    Unless you are putting the speakers directly in the shower or you have an extremely small bathroom with no ventilation, I wouldn't worry at all about humidity or vapor. I've had music in my bathroom ever since I was little - I used to take my CD stereo in there in high school and now I use a Bose SoundDock. No problems at all, ever.

    I think using AirTunes is a great idea.
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    You could get an iHome, dock your iPod, and just play music that way...
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    I just use a pair of old speakers with no problems at all.
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    i got my airport express streaming into my bathroom, i just keep it high on my laundry shelf away from the shower on the opposite side of the bathroom.
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    It depends on the size of the bathroom and the average humidity level where you live. In Virginia (humidity is very high in the summer) I used to use a tape deck in the bathroom which lasted a year or two before the humidity from the shower (even with exhaust fan on) killed it. It's better to be safe than sorry I say.
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    That's probably the worst thing you could do, because humidity rises (ever notice that after you shower the top half of your mirror is foggy and the lower half is not?). I say keep it as close to the floor as possible.
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    Correct observation, but the reason for the condensation at the top of the mirror is that the moist shower air is typically much warmer than the bathroom air.
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    Still, I would rather have an electronic device in moist air than have water condensing on it.
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    Airport in the bathroom?

    Gotta love the planes flying outta my .... :rolleyes:

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