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Airport not recognized

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rgrwatson85, Dec 7, 2009.

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    I have just received my new MBA and I have a very serious problem that I have seen others having on a few forums. My AirPort is not being recognized by the system. Like any person that used Windows for so long, I knew the best way to fix a problem like that is to reinstall the operating system. So I did. Now there is now icon on my task bar, nor is the AirPort listed as an option in network services. It is like it isn't even in the computer. In the System Profiler it is not listed under Hardware, but there is a listing for AirPort in the Network drop down. From what I understand, the Bluetooth adapter is also on the Airport card, and that is working i.e. I paired it with my Blackberry.

    I have reset the SMU, and the PRAM and reinstalled the OS. I would have no problems going to an Apple Store if I were in the States. I am in the Army deployed overseas. No real way to get the computer to a store. Does ANYONE know how I can get this fixed on my end. I am a brand new Mac/Apple client, and this is not exactly the introduction I was looking forward to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Well if anybody cares about this thread I will let you know that I sent the computer back to Amazon.com for an exchange. Apple said that they would repair it, but why would I have them repair it when I can get a new one for free.

    If anybody is curious, Amazon hs a great exchange policy. Tell them what is wrong with it and submit your exchange request. They process your order for a new item right then and there, and you have 30 days to return the defective one. So mine is hopefully on it's way to me now. Although I didn't get any replies (I figured I wouldn't due to what was going on) I would like to thank those that took time to look at the thread. Take care and I'm sure you will see more of me around here.

    Sgt. Watson
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    Thank you for posting the follow up. Looks like you got a lemon. Glad to hear Amazon did right by you. It looked like you had tried all the right things: reinstall, SMC reset, PRAM reset, etc.
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    Yeah the tech from Apple i talked to online said that I did and checked everything he would have me do. Really bummed that I had to send my brand new computer back the day I got it. Hopefully the new one I get works. For 1600 bucks it better rub my back and polish my boots!
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    Well, at least, it failed out of the box rather than after the no hassle return window and you had it fully customized, etc ;)
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    Yeah no kidding. I am itching to get my hands on it and start using Automator. I have reading all day about Apple Script and what it is capable of doing. Just the simple stuff like customizing the desktop and getting programs to startup is going to keep me entertained for months.

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