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AirPort Setup

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rman2008, Aug 12, 2003.

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    Hey all,

    My friend has a 1Ghz Powerbook G4, and I'm not absolutely positive, but I believe he has a AirPort Extreme Card, but it may be a regular AirPort Card. The problem is, I didn't really read the instructions before I started getting to installing, so I didnt know the network needed to be in place already, then it would transfer the settings. I tried doing the reset but that didnt do anything. Now that I have a direct connection from his laptop to his cable modem, I would like to link the modem to the AirPort Base Station so I can broadcast the signal. Also, we have lost the manuals that came with it. After I reset the AP it still cant find the network, do I need to be connected via USB to the AirPort, or is it just for printers. I really need some help. Thanks in advance.

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    1) Hook up the Airport to the modem. Making sure to Plug it into the WAN port not the LAN port. The LAN Port has an icon that looks like this... <->, I'm not sure about the WAN icon. Power Off The Modem and the Airport Base. Then power them back on.

    2) Use the Powerbook to Configure the Airport. Use the Airpost Setup Assistant in the Utilities Folder under Applications. Make sure to set the Airport Base to broadcast DHCP (or NAT) over the wireless but not the wires. Configure it exactally how you would set up a computer.

    That should be all (I set one up in 3 minutes with out any training or experience.)

    About the Powering off, Sometimes you have to do it for several minutes.

    BTW, USB on AP is for printers only, and if it has USB, then you have APX. Also, What size it the Powerbook? A 15" as Airport, a 17" has APX. Also make sure if it is a 15, to set the Basestation to use 802.11b/g both or just 802.11b only... NEVER 802.11g only. A 17 will do both.

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    yes it is a 15". thanks for your help
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    My understanding is that the ethernet cable from the modem is supposed to be plugged into the WAN port. Maybe I'm wrong tho.
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    You are correct. The connection to the cable Modem or DSL modem is through the WAN (Wide Area Network) port. Its icon is ten dots arranged in a circle - like staring down a Gatling gun. The computers inside you house are to connect to eht LAN (Local Area Network) port, and its icon is the afor-mentioned <->.

    If the computer you are referring to is a Titanium 15", it's a regular AirPort card. Not AirPort Extreme - those are in the Aluminum books, and of course, we're still waiting on the 15" version of those.
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    That IS what I said, I just didn't know the symbol, so I said the one that doesn't look like a <->.

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    from the start

    imac 350 slot-loading
    imac 233 original

    both OS 9.1

    I'd like to wirelessly network these two boxes, and as cheaply as possible. Three questions:

    1) Do I need Airport, or will another brand (Linksys, Belkin, Netgear) suffice?

    2) Likewise, can I use a third-party card or (for the 233) USB adapter (like Netgear's MA111)

    3) Will either of these computers need to be wired to the base station for more than just the setup?

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