airport via dell true mobile base??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fjs08, Jul 26, 2003.

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    My son left his Dell True Mobile Base station at home and I'm trying to get it to recognize my Airport card in my Ti-Book. There's software but the book only notes how to hook it up with PC stuff. Anyone know if I might be able to get this to work, or should I go another route. If another route, please give examples.

    I would guess Airport base would be the easiest, but how about Linksys. I have a Linksys router that the cable comes into now. I have two computers that I want cabled and I'd like to set up the PB to be wireless when away from the desk. So whatever I get will get a cable from the linksys router.

    I was at Best Buy today and they have tons of Linksys items with lots of letters to them like b's and g's, etc. Which do I want???


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    Capt Underpants

    You should be able to get a signal from any 802.11b wireless router ( like the Dell one you have now). Everything should work fine.
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    I bet he's dead pleased with your wonderful, helpful answer! :( :D :rolleyes: :)

    Try getting the router address, maybe by using a sniffer like MacStumbler (from and then try to configure using a browser perhaps. I think IE works the best for that.

    Good luck!
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    You want to get either B or G for the linksys access point. B is compatible with the powerbook, if you get G it will allow you to grow as you get new wireless stuff. You can also get a linksys router/access point. This is what I use at home with DSL, it will also work with cable. It serves internet access to my iBook, my sister's Dell laptop, and the desktops in the house. Whatever you get it should work, 802.11b is 802.11b.

    For getting the Dell Access Point to work, make sure it isn't doing DHCP, and is just acting as a wireless/wired bridge, not a router. The router is already the linksys. If you have it act as a gateway, it will not work because as a router it will be on 2 192.168.1.x networks that isn't right. If you have it act as a bridge, it will just pass the traffic from the wireless network to the wired and back.
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    Capt Underpants

    I thought he was asking if the Dell would work, or if he should out and buy another router.
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    Actually, the Dell worked. I have it connected via RJ45 from my Linksys wired base. I did have to to to the little Airport icon on the top right of the screen (by the battery & time, etc). I clicked on a wireless button and voila it worked. I found out how to "multihome" by setting up different connection setups for cabled and wireless, which I'm not sure really mean anything, since I have the "automatic" chosen with ethernet first then Airport 2nd. Only thing is that the Airport icon is now always lit unless I turn the Airport off. How do I know if the cable or airport is working?? Does it hurt to leave Airport "on" or should I shut it off when I'm cabled up??



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