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Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Sky Blue, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Sky Blue

    I've installed 10.6.5 on a test Mac to test out Airprint and it works fine. I've installed iTunes 10.1 on Windows and the printer does show up on my iPad, but it has a lock next to it and asks me for a password every time I print. Seems like it's looking for a local admin password.

    I'm not especially proficient in Windows... how do I set the printer to print without requiring a password? I've tried allowing guests to print, giving the everyone group full access, but it still asks me for a password.
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    Did you try sharing the printer? Right click > Share. You might need to reboot all devices after doing so.
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    Sky Blue

    Yes, the printer is being shared. Otherwise it would not show up on the iPad.
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    you are right. but maybe their are preferences in sharing that require a password. i don't know windows anymore that well either but on mac sharing you can make it so you need a password.
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    What version of Windows are you using? I know in Windows 7, the default for sharing is to require a username/password, but you can turn that off.
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    Sky Blue

    I've looked, I don't see anything. I've set the Everyone group to have full access, but it still asks for a username/password.

    Using XP SP3.
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    Did a google search for you and got this: "The problem is that Windows XP will not allow access to the printer without a legitimate user account and password. If you are trying to connect to a shared folder over the network, you will get a dialog box which allows you to enter this information, but this will not work for printing".
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    I remember this being an issue with sharing a printer with something else before now.

    Enable the guest account on the Windows box. Reboot and then I think you're clear. I'm pretty sure that was the way around my issue.
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    Sky Blue

    I was googling for a solution and this thread was the third choice. :/
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    I have a printer shared out on my vista machine and itunes 10.1 open with airprint checked. My ipad can not see the printer. is there any thing else i need to do in itunes to show this printer?
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    I can confirm if you enable the Guest user account on Windows 7 the padlock symbol next to the attached printer vanishes from your iDevice when selecting the printer and username and password are not required.

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    Yes, I just turned on Guest on my wife's windows 7 machine.
    It printed on either printer:

    A Brother 2070N and a Canon MP 970.

    Now if Apple would get off the pot and get out 10.6.5 for my iMac and MacBook!
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    Make sure both, the system and iOS device are within the same IP range and subnet. One can not be connected to one router while the second is on a wireless router on another room.

    I hope that helps.
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    XP network settings

    If you are having trouble printing to XP, check the Properties of the Wireless Connection. Make sure File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is checked. It should be set to Service.

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