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Airtune or AirPlay is Cool

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by yodaxl7, Sep 6, 2010.

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    So I can stream shows,movies, music from my macbook pro to apple tv. How about media from amazon download to my macbook pro? Can I stream them to my apple tv? guess I could stream pandora and other media like apps from iPad or iPhone to apple tv. So, this is an advantage over Roku or Boxee, right?
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    I know on your MacBook Pro you will only be able to stream stuff in iTunes. I am assuming that on iOS devices you will only be able to stream what is actually on the device, but I may be wrong.
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    All we know about AirPlay right now is that it is able to stream the following ways:

    • Music from iTunes to the Apple TV
    • Music, Videos, Photo Slideshows on iOS devices from official Apple apps to the Apple TV

    Anything else is speculation. Nobody knows if Apple will allow third party developers (like Pandora) to use AirPlay on iOS. Based on the demos it definitely does not seem possible unless Apple releases it as part of the SDK.

    As far as streaming anything else but iTunes to the Apple TV using AirPlay, it is pretty unclear. One thing is clear, even without AirPlay you can stream both Audio and Video files that are in iTunes in a format supported by the Apple TV. So if Amazon downloads can playback in iTunes they might play back on the Apple TV.

    People might come up with ways of hacking AirPlay to stream whatever they want, but that remains to be seen since it isn't even out yet. So again, that is just more speculation.

    Ultimately if you are doing something outside of an official Apple app there is little chance of AirPlay working. For audio I am sure AirFoil will continue to work for streaming audio on your computer to the Apple TV from third party apps.
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    This may sound stupid, but what's AirFoil? o_O
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    What I really want airplay to do is to stream music from my computer (iTunes library) to my iPhone to listen to at night.
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    Software written by Rogue Amoeba that lets you transmit audio from any application on your computer (not just iTunes) to AirTunes (and now AirPlay) devices. They also have a way to receive audio on non-AirPlay devices by using their Airfoil Speakers app.

    Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba
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    You can do this right now by using Airfoil and the Airfoil Speakers "Touch" app running on your iPhone. Check out the link I just posted. Also check out the Airfoil Touch iOS page.
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    Yeah but can u control what songs you play on your iTunes library from the iPhone using that app?

    Can u imagine being able to stream your music library from anywhere there is 3G or wifi.
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    Well now that Plex for iOS is out I just use that to stream my iTunes library from anywhere. It's pretty awesome if you use Plex on OS X, you can stream your videos too. The first version is a little buggy, but it really is awesome being able to stream anything from my iTunes library.
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    get "streamtome" from the app store,... that will do exactly this :)
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    From the demonstration, it looks like Airplay is built into the Quicktime player in iOS, not any particular Apple app. Since 3rd party apps just use the built in Quicktime player as well, there is a very good possibility that Airplay will work for 3rd party apps too.
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    i hoping that a jailbroken iphone or ipad can trick the apple tv. also maybe a patch/extension for safari on mac?

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