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Airtunes and BOSE Sounddock

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iminimac, Jul 31, 2005.

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    I was intrested in buying a Bose Sounddock. I know that it produces great sound but i do not know if you can control it via airtunes (you just need a audio port for it work)

    does anyone know if it has a audio port?
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    Its technically not designed to work that way. It wants to have the ipod plugged directly into it. I think that the lack of audio in/out is one of the main complaints about this system. I just checked out the bose site. No audio out/in. The only way to get music into the system is via an ipod.
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    it sounds really great with the iPod near tried it with Airtunes, but it was worth the $$$
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    Save your money and buy an Altec Lansing FX6021 system. It has two speakers and a sub, two audio inputs (minijack and RCA), a remote, and control of bass and treble. It also has HUUUUGE sound. I mean big... like blast these babies in a dorm room and people 8 rooms down will be banging on your door.

    They're small for their sound, and look great too.
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    I like the look of these. are they worth their price of 179 pounds though? also i read a review about the system buzzing all the time? any info about that?
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    I listened to those Altec Lansings at an Apple Store last week and was not impressed. Plus, they are made of a thin plastic; while they are a similar color as the PowerMacs/Books, the texture of the speakers doesn't match very well.

    I really don't know of other iPod stereo devices that play through AirTunes, unless they are equipped with an audio in. Otherwise, just check out some computer speakers that have an audio in (or you could just use the 1/8 inch jack from the speakers and plug that into the AirTunes). There are plenty of computer speaker recommendations in these forums, just do a search.
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    I'm one of those people who blasts it in a dorm room :D :cool:
    I would recommend them highly if your looking at 2.1 system
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    They are definetly worth 179 pounds, but i'm sure you could find them cheaper elsewhere online. I've got no buzzing whatsoever, and I've played with two separate pairs (powermac and imac). As for them being made out of plastic, i won't lie... they're made out of plastic. But how many speakers have you seen that are actually made out of aluminum... I haven't seen many. The grates on the front are aluminum, and the bases of the speakers are sturdy metal... actually the only plastic part (on the outside) is the siding. Big deal.

    And as for the previous poster not being impressed by the sound, i dunno how to respond. Guess everyone has their own taste in sound. I personally like these ALOT.

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