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Akai SynthStation49 iPad MIDI controller unveiled at NAMM 2011

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by OllyW, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Akai Professional have announced the SynthStation 49 for the iPad.


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    That's pretty neat for individuals who use the iPad for music production. Is this also compatible with the iPhone/iPod Touch?

    I'm glad to see Akai made sure to keep this useable as a regular MIDI controller. Any word on pricing? Hopefully it isn't outrageously overpriced just because it's "meant for iPad."
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    They already make a two octave MIDI keyboard for the iPhone and iPod touch which is reasonably priced (£74 in the UK). The iPad version is a lot better specified so I think it's going to be around £200+.

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    I've seen the iPhone version at Guitar Center (the largest US music retail store).

    The new iPad version seems to be much more like a genuine MIDI controller as compared to the iPhone controller.

    I have to agree with you on the approximate price of this particular model.
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    Alesis have also announced the StudioDock MIDI dock for the iPad.

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    That's a really neat concept. Have you noticed an increase in quality music production software since Apple added extra MIDI functionality into iOS?
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    Pity its only 49 keys. If it had been 61, I'd have been all over that like stink on a monkey.
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    Digital Village have priced it at £164.99, a bit cheaper than I expected. :)

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