Alarm Clock which wakes up the Mac?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by deepakvrao, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Tried Alarm Clock 2, Apimac Timer, and MP3Alarm but none work when the Air is in sleep mode. Any suggestions? Free preferably or something a bit more reasonable than 20 dollars :)
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    Are you able to schedule the computer to wake up before the alarm (via energy saver in preferences) so that the computer would be awake when the alarm goes off?
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    You can do this with iCal. As mentioned, set up Energy Saver settings to wake at a certain time, then have an iCal event with an alarm go off. The alarm can be any audio file you want. Total cost (including tax) = $0.00.
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    Alarm clock 2 works for me (Alarm Clock, written by Robbie Hanson).
    But it works when it's asleep with the lid open. I think it gets bugged with the lid closed (it wakes, then sleeps, then wakes, then sleeps etc).
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    Same here. Exactly the same issue.

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