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Alex Rodriguez TESTS POSITIVE - 2003

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by John Doe 57, Feb 7, 2009.

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    John Doe 57

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    He's a jerk.. Ever since he left the Mariners to get 50 million from the Yankees he's been on my ****list.

    As far as Phelps. He just smoked some pot. No big deal in my book.
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    so? it wasnt against the rules back then and entirely legal

    people need to stop treating it as if they broke a law or something:cool:

    Phelps did break a law, ARod did not
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    Not to be picky, but he left the Mariners for the Rangers, not the Yankees.
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    Thought he went from the Mariners to the Yankees then to the Rangers then back to the Yankees.


    I was wrong. But he's still a jerk.

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    nope swiftaw has it right
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    First he went to the Rangers for $250 million, then was traded to the Yankees, where he recently signed a new 10 yr/$275 million contract.

    I think a good portion of players were using around that time so I don't really care to admonish a single player. The owners and everyone associated with MLB knew what was going on and were complicit as long as they were making money.
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    John Doe 57

    He left the Mariners in search of a team that would pat him $260 Million for 10 years. Texas could only afford 3 years out of him. During those three years, Alex averaged 52 home runs a year. His positive test was not illegal at the time.

    And as for Phelps, a word of advice:


    Some American icon! I wonder what people in Japan are thinking!
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    a positive test isnt illegal now, just against the mlb rules
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    completely agree. I am sure the list is much much longer than everyone wants to believe
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    John Doe 57

    Thats what I mean.
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    As long as he admits it and not lie to a judge lol, he should be fine, much like how Pettite did....dont get yourself in legal trouble to protect an image by not admitting a legal action at the time and hecne committing say perjury like bonds lol
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    John Doe 57

    Completely agree!

    Bonds = Bum
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    now if griffey used steroids, even if not against rules, i will truely be sad:(
  15. TSE
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    Griffey never used steroids I think, just like how I am sure Manny hasn't used steroids. The reasons? In the minor leagues and even during their whole career, they have always been homerun hitters, due to their amazing swings. Manny and Griffey's swings are both the cleanest, textbook perfect swings ever in the MLB, which gives them homeruns. A-Rods swing is good, but not clean like others. I think it is possible that either used steroids, but I don't think they did.

    I don't really care about the steroid era, due to the reason that it brought popularity to baseball back after the 94 strike. The MLB's ratings were at it's lowest point after the 94' strike and MLB was outsourcing a lot of it's reporters, etc. which was taking away from the fantasy aspect of baseball, the homerun slugfest was fun to watch, and it wasn't against any laws or rules at the time, so I have no problem with it. I don't necessarily think it was right, but it was fun. And that is all that matters in a sport.

    I don't care if Bonds, Sosa, A-Rod, Clemens, etc. used steroids, as long as it wasn't against any rules AT THE TIME.

    This doesn't take away the fact that A-Rod is a total D-Bag, though.
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    John Doe 57

    I just can't get over that fact that all the sports news stations are flipping out about this!

    - It was 6 years ago
    - He was not the only one doing it
    - MLB knew it was happening, but said nothing because income was getting better.

    Its like their saying," Oh boy, A-Rod used steroids. Its all over! He's been cheating all this time!." I hate all the sports stations for doing this.

    And where has this "list" been for the past 6 years? 104 players were listed on it, and now is a good time to tell us?
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    Sucks to be Guy Richie. Madonna leaves you for a guy with a steroid d1ck?
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    They all need to straighten up and exercise and build muscles the natural way, You don't have to be big to be a good baseball player.
  19. TSE
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    No. But you have to hit homeruns to make money. How many Luis Castillo's make more than 5 million a year?
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    the thing about steroids is that they dont make you a great player. i bet so many players used it and guess what, it didnt make them into bonds or arod. i wont dismiss tehir achievments as it takes alot of skill that steroids wont give you
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    It is not surprising. ARod has gotten much, much bigger in certain physical ways that I don't think was possible without roids.

    ARod has never won over most fans and this won't do him any favors
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    John Doe 57

    He actually lost weight for the 2007 season. Like 15 pounds or so. It helped lead to his best season of his career.
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    Staff Member

    He's better off. She's since dumped A-Rod and moved on to her next boy-toy.
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    Right. He said he lost weight yet looked like he gained it.

    Having worked for a MLB team in the AL for 2 years, the weight put in team books can be moved up or down.
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    If it wasn't against the rules, then I guess it was OK at the time. I have no complaints if they follow the rules.

    However, I must say that when I watch sports, knowing that the athletes used steroids ruins it for me, and I don't want to see it. Also, when I think back at all the things I saw in baseball when I was a fan (i.e. when I watched baseball), those memories are kind of ruined for me. Well, not ruined, per se. They were still exciting for me to watch as a young kid. They're just tainted. If my memory of baseball is a tarnished, and that bit of trust between players and fans isn't as strong as before (since I thought I was watching the natural gift given to them, not helped by steroids), then I feel very little desire to go back and watch baseball again. In fact, I guarantee that I won't be a regular fan again.

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