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Alienware Shipping Ivy Bridge in Notebooks

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Pentad, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Maximum PC is reporting that Alienware/Dell are now shipping IB in their notebooks. You can read the article here.

    Edit: Looks like Alienware/Dell estimate shipping to be 5/28-ish.

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    Gaming rigs have been the first to be released in the past because they were fine using the desktop processors. I don't know if that's the case here though.
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    Yeah, that's what I always notice. And there's about a months lag, but at least no more than that (sometimes less).

    A good sign at least :)
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    I think the Ivy's mobile processor might come out later.
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    This is why, Alienware has a long history of using desktop processors in their gaming laptops.
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    theSeb beat me to it but:

    These IB CPUs are not desktop CPUs. They are Mobile IB.

    I would not have posted the link if they were desktop CPUs in Alienware's notebooks. I'm not even sure when the last time Alienware used desktop CPUs in their notebooks....

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    I was surprised you you thought they were desktop CPUs. I haven't seen a desktop CPU in an Alienware notebook for years...
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    The desktop IB has been reported to have heat problems.
    I wouldn't really count on it.
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    No, it hasn't. What has been reported is:

    * Stock it runs cooler and uses less electricity than Sandy Bridge.
    * Over-clocked it does indeed run hotter and seems to have stability problems when trying to hit the same frequencies as Sandy Bridge.

    Over-clocking is not a concern for potential buyers so spreading FUD does not help.
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    The desktop ver has been reported by Japanese users that the material used are cheap for cost down.
    This is whats causing the heat.
    I dont have the Ivy yet, but Im still concerned about the mobile as well.
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    Ivy Bridge runs cooler at stock frequencies. Check out the reviews on anandtech and tomshardware.


    According to all of the benchmarks that tomshardware ran, ivy bridge 3770K is, on average, 3.7% faster than the 2700K.

    Faster and uses less power



    Anandtech echo this

    These are just two (very respected) review sites. You can find many more that say the same thing. Also, before you start thinking that these sites may be biased, they are the same sites that have pointed out the issues and high temps when over-clocked.
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    Im not talking about the CPU itself but the material used.
    People been removing the IHS on the Ivy.
    Apparently, the materials used are very poor.
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    You're claiming that Ivy Bridge has over-heating issues. No reputable review site has found this. In fact, they show with repeatable tests that Ivy bridge runs cooler than equivalent Sandy Bridge CPUs at stock frequencies. I am confused. :confused:
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    Not over-heating, since if it over-heated, it would shut down.
    But a huge heat increase more than 20~30C compared to Sandy on high usage.
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    Yet, every review site says that it runs COOLER than Sandy Bridge during benchmarks (i.e. high usage) and when idle. You're now claiming that it runs 20 to 30 degrees Celsius hotter? Seriously.

    The higher heat is ONLY when Ivy Bridge CPUs are OVER-CLOCKED, not when running at stock frequencies.

    It's pretty simple. Higher heat when over-clocked. Lower heat when running at stock frequencies. People with Apple computers will be running at stock frequencies.
  18. heisenberg123, May 1, 2012
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    is this in the wrong section whats an alienware have to do with macbook pro?

    lol 3 down votes, yet my posts are the only one with the word macbook pro in them, but yes this is totally a macbook pro thread
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    Possible guesstimation of new macbooks by examining other manufacturer's Ivy Bridge rollouts.
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    Maybe u don't understand the part when turbo mode overclocks CPU in needed situation? Thats calling overclocking or turbo 2.0 mode.
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    ahhh I see, so the the late 2011's wont be the last MBP
  22. theSeb, May 1, 2012
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    Turbo mode and over-clocking as mentioned in the reviews are two different things. They are talking about over-clocking by the user when you change the frequency and voltage in the BIOS. What you're talking about is something completely different and it's called Turbo mode.

    At stock frequencies, even with TURBO mode, the IB CPUs run cooler and consume less energy both at idle and high-utilisation.

    Do you not understand what over-clocking is?


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    That's not quite true.

    After removing the protection of CPU, a customer discovered that intel did not used its usual high-tech and expensive technique to improve the contact between the CPU and the heatsink, but rather something that looks like the cheap silicon-based thermal paste we can by on our shops... This method is much less efficient than the original Intel one to allow the heat transfer between the CPU and the heatsink. As a consequence, this could explain why Ivy Bridge CPU to heat up much faster than their brother Sandy Bridge.
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    The problem with quoting is that it's far too easy to take things out of context and at face value. Instead, if you read the whole story, then you will find out that the article is about over-clocking, not about running at stock settings. Every reputable review site has has found via extensive testing that Ivy Bridge runs COOLER than Sandy Bridge at STOCK SETTINGS.

    They have also reported that over-clocking = heat, as per my above post full of links and quotes.
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    I really think there is no point to argue further more on irelevant statements who says then and that,and make solid facts on the table and finish this debate because clearly u wont give up atleast for 3 more pages on irelevant discussion.


    Intel appears to have increased the idle speed from 800 to 1200 MHz, which will presumably impact energy draw. Nevertheless, we ascertained a reproducible increase of approximately 2 watts in all Ivy Bridge models compared with the old i7-2760QM – likely still a BIOS issue or peculiarities of the pre-production CPU. We will examine the upcoming production models closely for confirmation.

    And finnaly
    However, if you are the owner of a Sandy Bridge notebook, you will likely see little reason to upgrade to Ivy Bridge.

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